Hitmanforum member contracts


Poor Service by Parsime, SA/DE/FW/NE & Speed (1:32)

Mendie already rekt this one but I like some of the tomfoolery I did.

STRATA by @o_O, SA/SO/DE/FW/NE/!KO & Speed (1:19)

I found a way to do this fast, but nowhere near enough to beat @fkgfw. I despaired, knowing I would never top that guy on any contract. Then I watched @mendietinha do it and got an idea or two and well:

It shouldn’t have worked, I don’t know why it worked, and it was less than a second faster, but I’ll enjoy this while it lasts because he’ll probably come back and sub-1:00 it just to prove he’s a god and all my hopes and dreams are his to annihilate.


Gustavo is working overtime to send all the competition

Yeah, bitch, contracts!


Thanks, @Bending_Cheese67! She’s in the back area chatting to the guy trying to fix the tuk-tuk.



Dat split-screen. :scream: :wink:

Interesting you picked that one out of the batch; there were a couple of theme-y slower contracts, a fast one, and then this. While it can be done fast, I was hoping someone would pick up on the opportunity available and work with it. Very nicely done on the quad, and thanks for remaking it.


Ya, I picked it just because of the opportunity and the ability to get that quad kill. I used to do kill cams before, so this was the best time to bring it back!!


hour is over :smiley: :open_mouth:


i guess @Travis_IOI forgot :frowning:


Or he DID the shortlisting. He did not say that he will tell us how it went. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Urben if im not mistaken you’ll have a five streak of featureds if you get picked this time, which is probably some sort of record :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep something like that. Quality content made in germany :stuck_out_tongue:


Since it’s the last for the season I really hope I get one in.

Hopefully not that joke one that takes one hour to complete huehue


Having it for the rest of the season in the last batch of featured contract might even endanger season 2 from happening :smiley:


I remember completing one of your Ultimate Endurance contracts. They are actually fun in their own way.


terracotta pie!

id: 1-08-7270901-41


Oh yeah, I remember that. Like one hour, and you managed to keep Silent Assassin. I feel like if I tried a one hour contract I would inevitably screw up somewhere before I could finish it lol


Just had a look for these ninja contracts on Xbox, and neither of the ones mentioned have been made from what I could see (although they seem really familiar).

There were 64k+ 2 target - melee kill - specific disguise - Hokkaido contracts to sift though; even with ‘ninja’ added there was around 500 (0.0), so if I missed them shouts to the originals.

Details if any ninjas or ninjettes want to have a crack at them:

Chop Chop I: Shinobi Iri - 3-10-0901454-88

Chop Chop II: Kenjutsu - 3-10-4283593-88


With the servers on Xbox being what they are, the first runthrough to get the lift guards ended with one of these no target contracts. Deets if anyone wants to play it for the novelty value:

Bad Servers - 3-10-9283649-88


Not sure if this is even any good. One of those contracts where there’s probably one minute witchcraft to be had somewhere. The Napoleon lure is a bit fluffed; he can be a temperamental so-and-so at times. :laughing:

@Euler13’s Slayer’s Sapper - (2:43)


Oh man i missed my chance for a featured contract. It’s ok i’ll try this contract again next month.
Created this today. Really enjoyed it. Do give it a shot guys. And if you like it, when the next featured contract submission opens, please help recommend this contract :slight_smile: @Travis_IOI

“The Plague Has Risen” (PS4)

This is not too difficult but it’s fun :slight_smile:
Have fun guys!

@D1NGdong Waiting to be amazed by you again. Haha :slight_smile: