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You know what? I have no idea where the battle axe is in Sapienza. I think I’ve never used/seen it. Haha. I’ll take a look.

Edit: never mind. I remember now. :upside_down_face:


@Ed_ll3: My suit only run is around 3:50, so that was an amazing run.

It’d be good to see if someone could find it. This is my best run, which sadly switches disguises.

Sapper’s Slayer (2:40)


Nice run @Euler13, there’s a lot packed into that 2:40.

@Prem_Raj - Is Maino guarding the dining hall; and is that guard the one on the ledge in the lab?


I’m pretty sure Maino is the guy on the top of Sapienza Ruins


Cheers bud. That actually makes a lot more sense compared to how I first pictured it. :laughing:

Shall remake in a bit.

e: 3-03-3167905-88


And here we are with my run of The Plague Has Risen. Thanks @Prem_Raj and @Ed_ll3 for the remake on XB1!

But this led me to complain another time about a major bug in the game: items dropped that magically cannot be taken anymore. In fact, at first I decided to bring the FE in the kitchen and carry it to Sapienza Ruins, but obviously I had to drop it multiple times to use BC, kill other guys and so on. Unfortunately this bug keeps happening at the second/third time I drop the FE, so I decided to use the propane flask downstairs in the Ether Lab. It didn’t change anything in this case, but if I’m playing a very difficult contract and I’m on my way to complete it flawlessly, if this happens it would be pretty annoying.


Thanks for the remake! Sorry for the late reply, just got off work :slight_smile:


Nice run! :slight_smile: I never had that problem with FE but i get it sooo many times with the exploding phone. Especially when i trigger it to lure someone and then can’t pick it up to turn it off. Majorly annoying.


No worries, we’ve only just got back in as well. :slight_smile: Was going to give this a run this afternoon; haven’t had a chance to watch @Xx_HidaN_xX’s vid yet, but I’m guessing from the remake that around the 3 minute mark is pretty good.

I think the general rule with the items that go lost is: any item that distracts the same NPC twice will lose you the prompt (then it will re-appear if that NPC gets KO’d). Not ideal if you’re trying to do anything at pace.


If you allow an NPC to pick up a distraction object then moments before they go into the animation to pick it up, and as they’re standing next to the object, you lose the prompt. This is quite normal. But if you nudge them in the moments that follow it breaks their animation, they stand up (and usually comment on how rude and obnoxious you are), and the prompt to pick it up returns.

So if an object’s prompts have gone then wait for them to enter the animation to pick it up and you can nudge them to restore the prompt. It’s not ideal if you’re working against the clock, but it’s a reliable way to get the item back.

I suspect this is the reason we’re suffering with the problem. The NPC has entered the stages of pre-animation (without actually going to pick it up), so by using it again the item is effectively about to be picked up. Until that animation begins it will remain un-retrievable and promptless.


This is one scenario i notice i get the problem a lot. Let’s say i want to move a NPC around. So i start by triggering the phone at location A and then pick it up. I then move to location B. At this point the NPC will go and investigate location A. After investigating, the NPC will start to make his way back (question mark has disappeared at this point). This is when i place the phone and trigger it to lure him to location B. That’s when the prompt disappears.


Sounds like the usual item bug which has to be fixed yet. You can only get it when a NPC picks it up and you KO him then.


But in my case no NPC was involved… That’s the weird part of it.


This bug is not connected to NPCs. It is only fixable with NPCs (if it is an item which they pick up).


Not saying it’s necessarily the case in this instance, but sometimes items just get lost in the map too (become irretrievable: certain spots in Sapi and Hokkaido spring to mind).

Quick example: if you start as the Lab Tech. in Sapi, grab the propane tank and head for the styrofoam wall; if you then drop the propane in certain spots around the steps to place the BC on the wall, you will no longer be able to pick up a lot of the time.


Alright it’s clear now thanks for the explanation guys :wink:


Come the fuck on Ladieee!


with special guest @mendietinha


Nice contract, good work @Prem_Raj . Will post my run soon :smiley:


bois, im about to start streaming. if you have a pc contract or something and want me to play, show up! www.twitch.tv/mendietinha <3


This is an okay contract, but the inability to do a whole lot with the targets makes it too difficult for me to do any interesting challenges. This was the best I came up with, and it was plagued with far too many moments that elicit the titular complaint.

Come the fuck on, Ladieee! by @Pagan, SA/SO/AO w/ Four Unique Accidents

Don’t blame you if you don’t watch the whole thing (the editing didn’t work out due to some changes I was trying and they don’t let me fix it), but it summarizes how bullshit the game is right now and how incredibly unfun it is to attempt to set up anything creative. Emetics don’t work, audio distractions don’t work, multi-stage lures don’t work, sink lures don’t work, you basically have to coin trick or FE bomb or knock out half the level to not be spotted by random bullshit that’s different every single run. This isn’t fun and it wastes my time, but doing FE bomb drive-bys means the contract is too straightforward.

Case in point: Since I didn’t have time to splice them together properly here’s the speed version, where I FE bomb 3/4 targets because everything else is pointless:

Real exciting. :sleeping: