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I’ve made a contract for PS4 if anyone would like to give it a go…

It’s called Waiting To Die and the contract ID is 2-02-4106741-35

Good luck :slight_smile:


i startes as chef, i poisoned her glasses, later killed backyard girl with fe+duck. went to storage room and took bc. killed alone girl with pistol, and dragged in front of desk. at last, fe+bc and boat exit. 1:52 / sa :slight_smile:


Here’s one that ended up running pretty slick.

V.I.P. Sharpshooter’s Course (Paris): 1-02-3669524-02
THEME: Suit-Only Pistol Kills
OBJECTIVE: Five targets, Pistol/Suit.
PRIMARY CHALLENGE: The targets are on every floor: One in the attic, two on the second floor, one on the ground floor, one in the basement. Some of the targets are at risk of being found if left unattended for too long.
SECONDARY BONUSES: None, but try no KOs and no body dragging. You’ll be going too fast to want to stop anyway.
WHY THIS CONTRACT IS COOL: It’s smooth and goes fast, as long as you don’t get lost. If you know Paris well, you probably already know three or four ways to route this, or will as soon as you see the map. Very low RNG factor, though cutting corners may mean taking risks.


Hello dear friends and fellow Hitmen!

I’m the creator of the “Super Sibling Rivalry” contract which was chosen by IO to be included in the Featured Contracts last year.

I’d like to invite you all to try a new challenge I have for you. This new contract of mine is called “Pathologic (Revision)” and the ID is 2-03-8797343-35. My in-game Username is Beyonder1979 and my platform is PS4.

This new contract of mine is inspired by the game “PATHOLOGIC” by Ice-Pick Lodge and is taking place in Sapienza. The main theme is to kill 5 people with Poison and Desease while dressed as the Plague Doctor.

The special thing about it is that Francesca De Santis has to be killed with the hidden Virus Prototype, while another target has to be killed by the toxins of the underground toxic room. These 2 kills are not registered correctly by the game (devs haven’t thought of them?) and only appear as “Any Method”. But can you achieve them?

Please try my contract and tell me your opinion. Also, if anyone at IO is reading this, please consider this contract for inclusion in the Featured ones.

Thank you for your time!


1:47. I’m not sure how to not knock out that one guy, but maybe he wouldn’t notice the kill, didn’t check.


Excellent work! Great shot on the garden guard too, never would’ve considered that. I did have a shenanigans shot for him but nowhere near as efficient as your run.

Here’s a couple more contracts, with apologies to BigPotOfJam. Just kidding. I’m not sorry at all.

Sal Calzone: Enemy of Pizza (Sapienza): 1-03-1393068-02
THEME: Lighthearted Parody / Puzzle
OBJECTIVE: Kill Silvio Caruso and his two bodyguards as Sal Falcone.
PRIMARY CHALLENGE: It’s time-consuming to get Falcone’s disguise, and he’s nowhere near the mansion.
WHY THIS CONTRACT IS COOL: It’s called Sal Calzone: Enemy of Pizza, what more do you want from me? Okay, okay: It has low randomness factor, it’s actually a much shorter contract than the setup (and title) might imply, and you can do it your way in terms of the method.

This one is based on something I was kicking around with @GuLe. Unfortunately it turned out not to need the thing we were discussing but it’s still pretty funny.

Terrorist Flight School (Colorado): 1-09-4016427-02
THEME: Shameless Game Mechanic Exploitation
OBJECTIVE: Kill one of the demo range guys in a Fall Accident.
PRIMARY CHALLENGE: The area where you’ll find the guy is pretty flat. You’re gonna need to move him.
WHY THIS CONTRACT IS COOL: This contract is so dumb but succeeding at it puts a smile on your face, I guarantee.



PS4 Contract
Location: Hokkaido
ID: 2-10-4791477-07
Targets: 5
Type: Ninja contract
Nails (The Pilot) Eliminate using a thrown shuriken
Nicholas Laurent (The Chief Surgeon) Eliminate using A katana, melee
John Maverick, (A security guard next to the sushi area, also around the helipad downstairs) Eliminate using a thrown shuriken
Tomiyuki Fujihara (The handyman next to the helicopter) Eliminate using A katana, melee
Junya Andou (A bodyguard in the surgery section) Eliminate using A katana, melee

Everyone should be eliminated with a ninja disguise

Briefing: Good Morning 47, Our client the hyper-exclusive Japanese hospital: GAMA. It has tasked us to eliminate five undercover hitmen whose former job was ninjas. The 5 of them are conspiring to kill Erich Soders, one of the board members of the ICA. We can’t allow that to happen, so we must act fast. We chose you for this mission since the client even added additional conditions that, if fulfilled a big bonus will be payed, these conditions are in the folder in front of you. Ganbarou, 47


Sounds like an objective for the ICA Space Program



The flight school ran out of money, they are now just teaching it with smartphones


Oh of course that would be an eliminate prompt spot. Why wouldn’t it be?

Well, back to GuLe’s idea to launch the actress on Landslide.


One thing i’ve tried to make but have not had any luck yet is having a contract where ICA Space Program is always the fastest way of completing it.

The way I want to accomplish it is by using the fact that sedative poison does not result in body found until someone does the kneeling animation next to them. With this, you could make someone fly, having the entire level see them, and still get SA.

Still searching for a good target for this. The sapienza jester would’ve been great but he takes too much time to go drink, so it would be faster to just make him go somewhere where you can throw him.

This would be so much more easier if we had the sedative syring as unlock.


This is the exact thing we were discussing. The actress on Landslide drinks within seconds of the map starting and is near enough to the water that a halfassed ICA Space Program launch should be able to get her into a killplane. The main problem is getting the coins under her since she passes out in kind of random directions, and then getting away with the BC drop/placement. And even then it’s probably possible to lure her down one of the docks and just push her off.

There are remarkably few spots where Sedative Poison can do something interesting with its unique property. A syringe would make this a lot easier to set up.


Funny thing about this contract is that the preparation was more difficult than the actually killing of the targets.


I actually had the same discussions with Gule as well ahaha. We never managed to find one. The landslide actress might be an option.

Another way would maybe forcing you to kill the sedative syring dude in landslide, then use it on a “real” chosen target and do this.



Although I don’t like the icon map that much, you actually chose a very good target. All because you picked a target that allowed to use part of the map that was quite a bit neglected. So I had actually a lot of fun with this target. Wanted to do something special with and so I did.

Personal Insecurity - SA/SO, No KO, Booby-Trap, Car Exit, Custom Kill Cam


PC Contract - 1-09-3262118-76 - You Don’t Have Clearance

Flows quite nicely imo, give it a try. @Pagan @GuLe @Urben @mendietinha @Fortheseven @Nakar @fkgfw


Wow Ive played bangkok so many times but I don’t recognise that location


are they all in the barn?


Yes they are! 20char