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@BernardoOne recreated for PS4



You Don’t have clearence to recreate contracts m8!
(sorry, I had to make this joke with the contract’s title huehue)


For Enemy of Pizza, was your strategy the following?

Start at apartment
Throw a explosive into the street and explode to make detective wake up
Run to mansion, shoot at the electric panel to make roof open, then set up fe+bc close to it
isolate detective on that closed shop he passes by in his way
get disguise
run to exit


Nope! Completely different. I think @sk1y and I must have a similar method, though @GuLe seems to have found a way to go much faster still (2:41).


Yeah my strat was very “plain” I would say. Like nothing special. I think since our time is the same by a second you probably had the same strat?

  • Start default and turn on radio
  • subdue Detective in the alley by the container
  • bring my disposable Scrambler for the mansion and run through the kitchen
  • shoot all targets in the back (at that time they all stand to the back of each other)
  • grab a disguise and run for exit.
    I wish you could abort the phone call or lure him with coins but since he is an “super” enforcer I think there is no way?

Edit: I just saw that @BernardoOne also has 3:33. Thats funny :smiley:


Oh nevermind then, our routes are all completely different. Mine’s nothing like either of yours but still manages to take exactly as long. I wake Falcone up last and very late.


interesting, i had a one second of difference from you with a completely different strat, neat.


@Travis_IOI, ya’ll still like music puns on Bangkok right?

Fire of Unknown Origin (Bangkok): 1-08-5249188-02
THEME: Puzzle / Plate Juggling
OBJECTIVE: Set Mr. Albino on fire. Preferably without anyone knowing you did it.
PRIMARY CHALLENGE: Getting Steve to fire and getting out quickly.
SECONDARY CHALLENGE: Where are Fire Accidents on Bangkok, anyway?
WHY THIS CONTRACT IS COOL: Simple, amusing, remarkably good flow and more going on than you might expect. Some multitasking is required. If you’re skilled you can minimize the number of actions you need to take to set this up considerably, but it functions even if you don’t. The most obvious first thing one might try is hilariously wrong in a way that may teach one to pay more attention to what happens during certain scripted events.


what’s your time on this?


Around two minutes give or take. It’s short.


i cracked the solution then, just need to remember where to get a quick wrench


You can easily save more than 10 seconds by throwing it really close to the barrel and shooting it from afar.
I’m a bit too tired right now but i’ll try to science a spot from where to shoot safely tomorrow.


since @GuLe rekked it, here’s my run of my recent contract You Don’t Have Clearance

Flows quite well, imo.


Shooting isn’t strictly necessary. It is a little tricky to get it to land near the barrel but you can adjust it if you’re over there by picking it up and dropping it closer. I managed to land it in the radius 3-4 times in a row though, not sure how.


A contract made by @justnobody on ps4. I did it suit only and was really fun. If anyone else wants to take a go at it, here’s the info.

And my SA/SO/No KO run.

edit: why don’t my videos embed? :thinking:


Because you’re not a speedrunner :smiley: huehue


you need to post the full link, not the shortened one initially given to you during the upload.



But the funny thing is I’m not doing anything different than before. I grab the link off my YouTube app and post it directly here. As of a few days ago, it was always embedding. Now it doesn’t. Any ideas from that?

Edit: and I’m not getting the link before or during it’s uploaded. My vid has been up for 8hrs already.


Guess your latest video was too shit


It’s been like that for the last few vids, not just this one. So do you think the last few have been shit too?