Hitmanforum member contracts


It was a guess, didn’t see them. Moreso i wasn’t serious


Uhhh me neither? :upside_down_face:
I know you’re kidding around. :joy:


Secret Gays

ID: 1-08-5696910-41




In all my years of writing briefings, this is by far the most amazingly interactive and developed briefing of them all.


You have an error in your ID it’s 1-08-5696910-41


yeah. thanks i fixed it!


Title: Toxic Trio
Contract ID: 3-02-1931788-05
Location: Paris
Benchmark: ~ 1:00

Title: Until Death Do Us Part
Contract ID: 3-03-9472522-05
Location: Sapienza
Benchmark: ~ 3:30


47s SA


I have just finished Global Media Billionaires, I will have a look at these ones when possible

@Speedy627 This one is yours, bud :slight_smile:

Global Media Billionaires (1:30)


Great run, buddy, but that was @Speedy627’s (a.k.a. SpeedsterRunner214) excellent contract. I re-created it on Xbox and posted it here. He would have posted it here himself, but for some reason the forum is telling him he can only make one post per day and won’t let him upload pictures. I’ve sent PMs to @Watson and @Kent to ask if there is any reason and if they can help, but they’re both ignoring me. It’s a shame, because SpeedsterRunner214 is a valued member of the Hitman community and is well known in streams.


Okay that is odd, hopefully it’s resolved soon! Either way I’ll give your contracts a go this week :smiley:


I recommend watching this. It’s some kind of wizardry going on.


I have re-created Toxic Trio for PC: 1-02-2423691-67


@Euler13 Couple of great contracts here man :smiley:

Until Death Do Us Part (2:02)

EDIT: 48s wasn’t SA as I left the mission too fast.

Toxic Trio (049s)


Sal Calzone: Enemy of Pizza SA (1:57)


Sal Calzone: Enemy of Pizza SA (1:54):sunglasses:


I am sure noone is ignoring you. Seems like a case of both having a lot of stuff to do and both (wrongly) assuming the other guy will look into it.

That being said, you wrote that it’s @mungadungalis that had the problem in your original message. If it is, I dont know what the problem could be. It’s possible I checked it out, didn’t see any problem and then forgot about it.

If it’s @Speedy627 though, its because he is a level 0 user.

The forum is set up with trust levels, where level 0 gives you almost no perks. You get to a higher level through forum activity (reading and viewing topics, reading and viewing posts, liking and receiving likes, and so on).


Plywood and Paste 1.11


@Euler13 quality contracts here, good job!

Toxic Trio 0:45

Until Death Do Us Part 1:40

EDIT: YouTube preview shows 0:42 (my original mistake) but it’s actually 0:45