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Am I the only one who cannot ignore that the plaque doctor looks like his bare ass is showing?


I never noticed that…until now. Thanks. You just ruined my favorite disguise.


It’s like a baboon’s ass :joy:


“It’s like I’m wearing nothing at all… Nothing at all!”

Stupid sexy plague doctor


Hi :innocent:
What’d I do? I have no problemos bros.


Thanks for the reply.

What I’d said was that @Speedy627 (a.k.a. SpeedsterRunner214) is a regular in @mungadungalis’s streams and is well known. I mentioned that because I would have been surprised if he’d done anything at all that would have caused his account to be restricted through “bad behaviour”. But he was confused by the fact that he couldn’t post anything. I’ll pass on to him that he needs to read more posts and if he can give me specific details about problems he’s still having I can pass then on to you. Or would it be best he PM’d you, assuming a level 0 user can do that?


Nothing, just a misunderstanding.Nothing to see here.


Summer Day in Sapienza>


i really really liked this one, may be the best contract ive made so far :slight_smile: feel free to port and try it <3


The Day The Music Died


It’s okay.

Summer Day in Sapienza by @mendietinha, SA/SO (1:26)

Way faster definitely possible, but I could never get a good angle on the car to just shoot it for the explosion lady. It’s possible and would be a faster accident. I’m not fond of the golf ball approach.

Now here’s a version of You Don’t Have Clearance where I super don’t have clearance.

You Don’t Have Clearance by @BernardoOne, SA/DE/FW/!KO/OND/SR

Silent Assassin + Default Equipment + Fiber Wire Only + No Knockouts + Only Necessary Disguises + Suit Retrieval

No Evidence would’ve been better but it was too tedious to move one of the five guys out of the barn when there are only two containers. To make up for it I started in my suit and retrieved it on the way out.


@Xx_HidaN_xX I haven’t been on in a while so I noticed your runs. Nice job, man!

Off-topic; I have a few contracts for you xbox users - a variety.

Backyard Bash (Colorado) - 3-09-7986394-49

All targets are found in the backyard of the farmhouse. The briefing is pretty interesting.

The Wrath of Environmental Cthulhu (Bangkok) - 3-08-3742772-49

A puzzle contract. Craig hands around by the side garden.

Courtyard Menace (Marrakesh Day) - 3-06-2453847

All four targets are the guards at the entrance of the consulate.

Finally, here’s a contract which I do not have the ID of; you just need to search it up. Sorry!

A Classic Projection (ICA Facility)

The four soviet guards hang around the projection room.

Recreate these on the other platforms if you want!


Nah, you have made better ones m8


Contract was really good.

Here is my run:


I have re-created the contract for PC: 1-08-1461005-67


@CHAOS_AGENT_45’s contract - Hot & Cold:


will try harder frote.


The Freak

ID 1-07-2419649-41


Nice contract Euler. Could shave a few more seconds off, especially with a tighter camera shot. :face_with_monocle:

@Euler13’s - Until Death Do Us Part - (1:35)

@Remedy’s - Backyard Bash - (0:34)

(sorry Rem, couldn’t resist that quad kill :wink: )


I know you guys want more silly contracts in Marrakesh at night!

Stars Above Marrakesh
ID: 1-07-4955172-67

(target is at the starting area laying on a bench)


platform ps4
map bangkok
title 6 roofed,2 survive. 1 spy,must also die.
id 2-08-9709074-99