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GREAT Contract!! Try a few a mines if you’re interested and have some time:

• Animal Kingdom: 2-04-0371478-78

• Prisoners of War: 2-06-8375693-78

• Sons of Anarchy: 2-10-6479362-78

• Himmapan Horror: 2-08-8237189-78

• FowlPlay: 2-10-3536564-78

• Guitar Heroes: 2-08-6588539-78

• To Kill A Mockingbird: 2-07-2959458-78

• First Day on the Job: 2-01-4864963-78

• A Billionaire’s Scheme: 2-10-1698223-78

• Till Death Do Us Part: 2-05-1743572-78


Small descriptions for each contract would help a lot - they increase the chances for your contract to be played and noticed


Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Just some stupid idea for a contract I came up with recently.


The Betrayal [PS4]

Location: Marrakesh / A Gilded Cage

CID: 2-06-4088538-77

Targets: 1

Anwaar Aly, General Reza Zaydan’s personal waiter, had one job and one job only. To poison the General. He betrayed our client and now the General is one step closer to his goal.

Intel suggest that the target hasn’t been sleeping so well, he tends to take more breaks than necessary during working hours. He might need a little “motivation” to fulfill his duties, which will give you the perfect opportunity for elimination.

Good Luck 47!

Feel free to re-create on PC/Xbox



The Betrayal




I’ve been looking at this one the past couple of days and trying a few different routes out. I like this one and saw that I’ve got the exact same time as @Xx_HidaN_xX despite using a completely different route. I may have to revisit this one and see if I can’t improve my time, if HidaN doesn’t do it before me!

Anyway, great contract :smiley:


Title: Hi Five
Platform: PC
Location: A Gilded Cage, Marrakesh, Morroco
ID: 1-06-2334184-28

Five identical local vendors. Just take 'em out whatever it takes.:wink:


Nicely done ish, and thanks for trying it out. I love checking these Colorado runs, so let me know if you do revisit and find something different. :slight_smile:


Recreated for PC: 1-06-6464920-67


Here we go, Ed. I tried starting at the water tower a couple of times in the past few days but had no idea what to do after killing the second guy. Managed to find something that worked.

The Pentagon (1:56)


Is this the intended solution? I tried to just knock him out where he sleeps but he always got found. So i went for this approach:


Contract name: la Ville des Lumières
ID: 1-02-8985538-46


No, that’s way too complicated.

Look @justnobody playthrough:

Try these other sniper only contracts if you want, you can get SA/SO if you figure out were and when to take your shots.

The Years of Lead: Detailed contract file -> http://i.imgur.com/Px5iecF.png (My best time on this one is 1:50 SA/SO),

Tireur de Précision: Detailed contract file -> http://i.imgur.com/SgylXBD.png (My best time on this one is 4:18 SA/SO).


Well after dome busy days and a horribly bugged Elusive Target (I’m still swearing since this morning), I could play some @Remedy contracts!

Backyard Bash

Courtyard Menace

Nicely done contracts man!



No, this is way too complicated.

The Betrayal by @JosephMartin, SA/SnA (1:55)

Silent Assassin + Sniper Assassin

Las Ville Des Lumières by @o_O, SA/SO/DE/FW/!KO & Speed (1:24)

Silent Assassin + Suit Only + Default Equipment + Fiber Wire Only + No Knockouts

Not good enough to beat your par but I think it’s a pretty smooth route. Shame I couldn’t stash all the bodies on the fiber wire route without it taking forever. Might’ve needed to take that bodyguard all the way into the basement, though I probably could’ve gotten away with it.

Here’s a couple interesting random contracts I found. They seem like they’ve got some depth for more exploration.

Who’s Next is Silly by Mooldenau (1-10-5269815-78), SA/SO/DE/FW/NE/!KO + Speed (3:20)

Silent Assassin + Suit Only + Default Equipment + Fiber Wire Only + No Evidence (All Bodies Hidden) + No Knockouts

I got my own time down another 25 seconds or so but I’m sure it can get even faster. It seems like a very interesting contract, deeper and less random than the target selection initially suggests.

Heavy Rain by Skyplayer (1-07-3752327-61), SA/SO/AO

Silent Assassin + Suit Only + Accidents Only

This is actually a lot harder to do fast than the simple premise and target selection suggests. Turns out bodies falling into the market causes some trouble.


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