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Thanks, dinner first, then ill do it


What up b it’s my annual visit lmao




Didn’t See Me Coming 2 1:08


Wait what? You dont know all NPCs in Paris by name?


Fortheseven contract Best Suited for the Job

PS4: 2-03-9903380-27


see you next year then :joy::joy:


I am very bad with names. Who are you again?


Great run sk1y! :beers:


Here’s one of my contracts sorry about the restrictions I know any Kill any outfit is better so moving forward that’s what I’ll make :ok_hand:


Recreated for PC: 1-02-3225239-05


1:37 or rito


@MrBurn4488 Here’s my run to your contract The Night I Stole The Auction. I’m sure my run is similar to others. I have not seen the other runs yet but judging by the targets, i’m sure there will be similar kill methods. Great contract btw :slight_smile:

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 I was searching for some random contract and came across your contract Underground Boss Meeting. Not as fast as you but had fun nonetheless. Great contract! :slight_smile:

I also came across a contract by PS4 user LGP1995, which i thought was pretty interesting. If you are on the forum, say hi :slight_smile:
This is the ID if you guys are interested 2-10-8557100-07


I’ve done it SASO in 1:12
but that was only first try so I could’ve evolved it much more than that


Thanks m8


My first try was 01:05. Then i realised that the bodyguard’s body won’t get found. So i decided to kill him differently which saved quite a few good seconds :slight_smile:


Alright, here’s Part 2 of my The 47 series. Another easy one. Have fun with it guys :slight_smile:

Same rules:

  1. Suit only. No disguise changes
  2. Any starting location with a suit
  3. Load out: FW, Any pistol, coins, no smuggled items
  4. Any exit

The 47: Part 2 - Si

My run:

@MrBurn4488 @MRGaming @Nakar @CHAOS_AGENT_45


Rito is avoided, please remain calm




Aw come on