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The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread

I would love to see a lancer on this
doesn’t have to be SA but it would be nice


Haha it ain’t that tough, really. It’s a nice change of pace :slight_smile:


I know but I had a strat that would’ve made it 2-5 seconds faster
and it might help in other contracts
I usually speedrun, but it’s nice to get some fresh air once in a while


Just for you :cowboy_hat_face::fist_right::fist_left::fire:


Friendship makes miracles


Lol wut


Didn’t See Me Coming 2 by @Don_Coa, SA/SO/FW/!EV/!KO

Defaults too tedious on Colorado and Penelope Graves makes getting Robertson a bit annoying but otherwise the whole thing is pretty smooth. I tried to do the same for the original and it didn’t work so well but I’ve got some ideas involving psychic strats and such that may make it not interminable.

Best Suited For The Job by @Fortheseven (1:00)

Had a sub-1:00 route (as in way sub, not potential sub like this route) but the RNG was too much for me to bother. I think sub-0:45 is possible, but I’m sure as hell not gonna be the one to do it: Using a duck to get past the gate from a Main Square start, double BC lure the door guards to the right, pop both guys on the left then the guards once they move out of LOS of the butler. Really tricky though because of sightlines from the gardener and Aldo Trentino. It is possible, and there are RNG mitigation steps that can help, but it’s definitely a one-in-a-few-hundred times where it all works out just so. You can have all the guards dead by like 0:35 at the latest so if you can get it done clean you can run right out to the car while the gate guards are still away.


A couple of contracts for xbox (there hasn’t been enough these days :cry:) :
Speeches are bad for the heart
ID : 3-06-0416269-18

First two are the guys that are bad at parking near the wall to enter the consulate and the last guy is the protestor

Not Fugu but still Painfull
ID : 3-10-3785232-18

The targets are the guys talking about the fugu in the downstairs restaurant


Nice run I like your approach! It’s not always about the time :beers:


Remade The 47: Part 2 - Si for PC: 1-03-4927746-02

The 47: Part 2 - Si by @Prem_Raj, SA/SO/FW/!IT/!EV/!KO

SA/SO with Fiber Wire obviously, plus no item usage other than Fiber Wire, all bodies hidden, no knockouts. I technically also only used one distraction, for Andreotti; it would take several additional minutes to wire him without even a peekaboo lure or the vacuum. Also did a no rules SA run, though I did abide by the instructions for loadout:

The 47: Part 2 - Si (2:32)


You Arped it bro GG @xGURUx83


Underground Boss Meeting by @CHAOS_AGENT_45 (1:29)

Could be much better. :confused:


Nice run. You seem to like these contracts. Part 3 will be out on Sunday (it’s Friday in my country) :slight_smile:


Three freeform kills on lone Colorado perimeter guards equally spaced in a triangle around the compound.

I had fun routing this and found a few methods all around the 2 minute mark; I think I can see some routes that could be faster but I can’t execute them.

Perimeter Watch
PC Contract: Colorado


I tried as well last 3 hours to find the fastest route but I couldn’t, my best was 1:54 but I also think that there is a faster way


The Sagese Dynasty

Platform: PS4
User: JetBlackEvil
Location: The Icon [Sapienza]
Contract ID: 2-05-6188889-49

Good evening 47,

Textile industry heiress Gia Sagese has hired you to eliminate her four brothers, who are preventing her from inheriting her father’s billion-dollar garment empire.

Baldassarre, Camillo and Giovani Sagese are working in Sapienza on the set of Hollywood movie “THE ICON,” as DOP, SFX Supervisor and Sound Recordist, respectively.

Guarino Sagese, the unemployed, mentally inept runt of the litter, has also been spotted mooching around the set, taking selfies.

Good luck,


(Targets: Baldassarre Sagese, Camillo Sagese, Giovani Sagese, Guarino Sagese)


@Skaven_in_box’s Speeches are bad for the heart

P.S. This is apparently not YouTube friendly. LOL


Why ?


No idea, youtube wasn’t letting me publish it and now it says it may not be suitable for everyone.