Hitmanforum member contracts


I can watch it easily


Okay, great. Thanks for letting me know.


You blow up people of course its not friendly xD



EZPZ sub 2 or rito


5 seconds
video uploading


Contract name: A Suitable 47
ID: 1-02-6023768-46
Quick contract, see what’s the fastest time.



Top notch! The guard distraction was awesome. I didn’t know about that technic. Thanks 4 playing Nakar


@Prem_Raj My run


Why did you call your contract si ?


Tinn Fall
I made a 1 Target Fall Accident (SO) Contract in Bangkok. Curious as to your solutions!
@Nakar would you mind recreating for PC? @fkgfw

  • Target is the left security guard in front of the stairs to the main lobby entrance.


really nice contract to practise some AI manipulation.


Completely different solution than @BernardoOne, similar time.

XJBD 1:38


btw a interesting thing i found is that if you are crouching you usually only have to bump into dalia once to have her notice the coin


some further optimization: SA in 1:30


That’s a nice title. :joy:


Pay attention, agents! This is some high level subterfuge at work! :sunglasses:


Cos I’m a doofus that confused italian with spanish :smile:


Nice run! :slight_smile: