Hitmanforum member contracts


Pro suggestion: Stream on twitch and talk, then after youre done streaming you can upload it directly.

Also, everyone here wants an Euler stream. So stream or rito


If you use an elgato capture card, you can record with the elgato program, it has an option to turn on mic (and yes, you can stream on it too)


We demand that @Euler13 will stream!!!



PC Contract: Casual Day
ID: 1-03-3170738-61
Location: Sapienza

Casual contract, have fun guys :beers:




Deserved don’t you agree :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


pff, not fair, that was my first practice attempt, no my real run huehue


I’m afraid it would be very dull. I lack the fluidity and natural skills that many other Hitman players have. The runs I finally produce in my videos are often after many, many failed runs. I can’t imagine that making for interesting viewing. Plus I’d have to really watch what I say. The frustrations don’t always bring the best out of me. But I’ll think about it…


So like every speedrunner. Don’t worry about that.


What he said


Don’t sell yourself short, you are great.

You have seen my streams right? I fail constantly all the time

Wait, have you seen my streams?

Stream or rito. Seriously, our community loves to watch each other play, doesn’t matter who it is


Especially at doors mate :smiley:


Mate your fluidity is awesome for a console player

I’d love to see you stream


Can be even 58-59s


Well done mate! Not sub 1 tho


Thank you F :smiley: How do you mean not sub 1? :smiley:


Your time is 1:00, which falls under better

Sub 1:00 = pro


My life is over, thats it…