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Object Objective


That’s normal, sometimes in 2 hour streams I end up playing only 2-3 contracts


Made one random contract. Any/Any, so very experimental for me you know it guys.
My time: none, have no idea yet.

Dont kill shopowner plz # 1-07-0497112-67

AHBOS targets near the shop which normally is the entrance to the ambassy tunnel.


Dull is still an upgrade from a @Fortheseven stream. So go for it. :joy:


Remade it for PS4


My run for my own contract


Made a bad PC contract based on GTA V ending

The Third Way | 1-10-8746569-42


Accidents Will Happen



I created this contract a while ago but I think it got missed. Will post my run to it soon. Be interested to see how others come up with a solution to it. Silent assassin is possible



Is this Landslide ?


Yes it is :slight_smile:


As promised, my run


Who left the chopper ?


Recreated for PC who wants to try

ID: 1-04-7399110-61

And my time


She will not always go on the same place once the alarm is on, that’s why a lot of repeating was necessary until she came on the spot where I dropped FE.


Tending The Garden


Looks good, will play but keep your expectations low, it’s not going to be a rekky


Will post a run soon. Be interested to see other people’s way.


@MRGaming will try your contracts tmr. Do tag me in future contracts so I don’t miss them :slight_smile:


Will do prem and anyone else who wants to run my contracts