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Alright, as promised, Part 3 of The 47 series is out!

The 47: Part 3 - Moonlight

Same rules apply as the previous.

My run:

Part 4 will be out on Wednesday :slight_smile:

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I don’t have the bonus missions on my main account :sob:


Damn, then you have to wait till Part 5, Part 7, Part 8 and Part 9 :slight_smile:


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Exit like a Diva 0:36


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Will look later as out soon


How do you get that item?


pro mode on marrakesh


Bugger. Got a wee way to go then


The Big One is from Landslide by completing all challenges. The target dies by electrocution. This trick was discoverd by immadummee. Burn was talking about the chrystal ball


The Third Way 2:47



for both unique ps4 players

  • paradigm contracts might not be cool for speedrunners
  • favorite disguises, maps and weapons asked from dedicated paradigm players
  • i arranged conditions and targets by myself
  • i know they suck
  • have fun!
  • thanks to @Bending_Cheese67 to re-create for ps4

The Hatch’s Paradigm

  • PC ID: 1-02-7972156-41
  • PS4 ID: 2-02-3090658-57
  • XB1 ID: not yet! :frowning:


  • do not forget to read briefing!

The BendingCheese67’s Paradigm

  • PC ID: 1-10-8082277-41
  • PS4 ID: 2-10-3040345-57
  • XB1 ID: not yet! :frowning:


  • masamune is a useful weapon as you see on his dick!

good luck everyone ;D

old paradigms for unique pc players:
@GuLe : Hitmanforum member contracts
@fkgfw : Hitmanforum member contracts
@mendietinha Hitmanforum member contracts
@Fortheseven : Hitmanforum member contracts


Just did hatch’s, will upload soon, I’ll uplaod mine tomorrow since I haven’t finished it yet huehue


Recreated for PC: 1-05-7607131-02

The 47: Part 3 - Moonlight by @Prem_Raj, Standard Rules (3:19) & Restricted

Restrictions shown in the video during the second segment. Basically no guns, only use Fiber Wire and the Iconator, hide all bodies, don’t get spotted by cameras, don’t erase the evidence or disable cameras, and no breaking in anywhere in a way that leaves a mark (crowbar/exploded door, etc.). Otherwise the rules are pretty similar to yours to begin with.

Here’s a couple runs of my own stuff I forgot about for a while.

Pests in the Marketplace (5:02)

There is so much depth possible with the poisoned samples in the bazaar, it’s a damn shame it’s so infrequently utilized. Note that four of five targets will sample: Only the husband of the pair won’t eat something, so there is some flexibility with the second needle. That said, if you kill his wife he mostly stands around like a sad puppy.

It Does Everything (2:13)

Admittedly, it needs a little help from another audio lure. But you can do this whole thing with the phone, and that’s pretty neat.


Decided to set a cool time - 4:25:

@Pagan @JDMHatch_G


PS4 Contract
Title: The Director’s Cut
ID: 2-10-242198530