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Nice run! For the first run i like how you used the coin for the second target to open the door. For the second run, i learnt a few things - where the key to the clock tower is and i didnt know there was a pipe outside that window you used to climb up to the third floor (to avoid the camera)


PS4 Contract
Title: Window of Opportunity
ID: 2-03-5485780-30


PS4 Contract
Title: Chaotech
ID: 2-02-3388118-30


Recreated for PC

The Director’s Cut 1-10-2794044-67


Saw @CHAOS_AGENT_45 run it, and I would like to give a tip for everybody WINDOWS


Fall From Grace

Contract ID 2-04-8691959-50


@Prem_Raj @MrBurn4488 @CHAOS_AGENT_45

Have fun guys


No bonus missions :sob:


PC Contract: Casual Day
ID: 1-03-3170738-61
Location: Sapienza


PC Contract: Bullet For The Crew
ID: 1-08-8675666-61
Location: Bangkok



First three parts of @Prem_Raj’s series for Xbox:

  1. Perish (3-02-4578251-88)

  2. Si (3-03-6347516-88)

  3. Moonlight (3-05-7204705-88)

Copied the pics, because: lazy :laughing: but the descriptions do have the rules for peeps to follow. Haven’t had a chance to play them yet, but they’re there if anyone else wants to (will do the rest when Raj puts them up).


@Pagan @JDMHatch_G


@Pagan @Bending_Cheese67




Started video. Saw santa suit. stopped video instantly. Not watchable with that horrible suit :joy:


Did it break your immersion?




The next paradigm should be set in Marrekesh or Bangkok.


Tell Pagan, i’m not the one creating them



My eyes get an allergic reaction from watching Santa 47. Have to protect my eyes. Nothing personal…


Mission accomplished