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These are practically the same contract with the same disguise restriction (hotel staff) but the Gatchi version involves killing targets with fiber wire and the Lotus one is any method and removing the hotel staff member as a target. Just wanted to do something with the NPCs that are practically in front of everyone. The guards are the in the security room and the security cabin respectively (enforcer checking the cameras and captain drinking coffee), the waiter is the one at the lobby and the hotel staff guy is the enforcer at the desk where you get your keycard.


@MRGaming Here are my runs to your contracts :slight_smile:

Piano Lessons
I’m really proud of this run :slight_smile:

Accidents Will Happen
Sorry for the small skip at the start. #ps4issues :smile:

Tending The Garden
Not the fastest run, but gotta love the triple kill :slight_smile:

Fall From Grace
Nice contract :slight_smile:


@TNGpnchFRTbox Here’s my run of one of your contracts. Had fun :slight_smile:

Window Of Opportunity


@Prem_Raj I loved some of your solutions. Will have to design more to keep you entertained :slight_smile:


Keep 'em coming!! :slight_smile:



36s via Big One electrocution :sunglasses:

EDIT: lol @CHAOS_AGENT_45 had the same idea, missed it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes he did it in the same way but still good job Urben :smiley: I miss that completely when i did my run xD :beers:


Breach Of Contract
Contract ID 2-02-8107729-50


@Prem_Raj @MrBurn4488 @CHAOS_AGENT_45


Re-created for PC.

ID: 1-02-8199129-67


Such a scrooge Bah humbug lol


How does Pagan create paradigms anyway? Does he contact you and ask you for the targets/kills/disguises/map? Do you have to be famous, like could I have a paradigm despite me not having a Youtube channel? Does Pagan himself have a paradigm?


With the contract creator in the game


No, but you have to be friends with him

Are you friends with him?



I left a run of ‘Perish’ uploading last night. @Prem_Raj

Could probably be improved a fair bit, but I’ve not been feeling the best the last day or two. :pensive: Sometimes the security next to the tech crew target won’t turn his head; with that, and a better coin flip on the second tech guy, you can possibly get back through before the patrol arrives for a much faster basement exit. Nice first part though. I’ll try and get through the others today/tomorrow.


We demand a @Euler13 stream tonight!


You can turn the equipment off which separates them two


Good shout, man. Shows how dull my skully is with this cold; didn’t even cross my mind to give that a try. :neutral_face:


Nice. I normally just wait for them to finish their conversation


Nice run! Hope you had fun :slight_smile:


Yeah, very much; with so many items at our disposal now it’s easy to fall back on a few OP devices to get through, so stripping the game back down to basics has been a really nice change of pace.