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Alright all, Part 4 for my The 47 series is out.

The 47: Part 4 - Sunset

Same rules apply as always :slight_smile:

My run for reference (for PC and XBOX):

Not tagging MrBurn4488 as I know you don’t have bonus maps.

@MRGaming @Nakar @Ed_ll3


@MRGaming Here’s my run :slight_smile:

Breach Of Contract



I played 2 of your contracts :slight_smile:

Crew Terminator
I decided to go for all accident/poison kills :slight_smile:

Staff Hater
Gotta love the 5-way kill :slight_smile:


Recreated The 47: Part 4 - Sunset on PC: 1-04-6856748-02


PC Contract - 1-09-1806105-76 - The Fall of a Rose

@Nakar @mendietinha @Fortheseven @GuLe @Bending_Cheese67 @Urben @sk1y @fkgfw i’d love to see your approaches


Remade it quick for Xbox if anyone wants to play: The 47: Part 4 - Sunset (3-04-6943593-88)

I’ll give it a go tomorrow. Been messing around on Ultimate Team, and just a few games of FIFA online is an exhausting experience these days. :weary: :sleeping:


My enhanced 3:11min run of “Poison Heist”.
Way different to @GuLe, slower but I find more fun because of all the risks!


That was pretty cool. I liked how the disposable scrambler came to good use from that cabinet. Good job! :+1:


Anybody got a free minute?


We had the same approach :smiley:


This is essentially how I like to play. Fast is cool sometimes, but dangerous is far more satisfying.
Good work!!


The Fall of a Rose by @BernardoOne, “Nice Trip” & Speed (0:56)

The speedy approach was a little dry and may end up pretty similar across runs so I did the first thing that came to mind as well even though it was slower and much, much sillier.

The 47: Part 4 - Sunset by @Prem_Raj, SA/SO/DE/FW/!KO (2:55) & Framin’ Freddie

First part is just a standard run of the contract under normal rules. Second run is a slower attempt to get perennial busybody Freddie Gee incarcerated for 47’s murders by putting him at all the crime scenes and planting evidence by his chair. It’s so perfect, he’s sure to fry for it. Basic rules:

  • Freddie Gee should be seen entering or leaving both apartment buildings where the targets are.
  • As many doors as possible should be broken open to suggest he forced entry.
  • All guards should be lured by erroneous weapon reports by Freddie that another guard overhears.
  • Plant the crowbar used to force entry as a fake “murder weapon” by Freddie’s chair.
  • Obviously, don’t knock Freddie out.


Nice run, ended up quite different to mine. I’ve explored some more and found a way of optimizing my run

Will publish the video once a couple more people give it a try :slight_smile:


Hahahaha poor Freddie :smile:


you want ica space program? because thats how you get ica space program.

damn talked too much nvm.


Don’t think anyone replied to you @MrBurn4488, but a paradigm in very basic terms is a pattern or model in place within a structure (whether that’s an individual or something much larger).

It’s difficult to give you a full definition though, because it’s used in a variety of fields in different ways (scientifically, in linguistics, and in broader culture).

Say there’s a set of accepted principles within a specific field of science, and somebody brings forward concrete evidence to disprove them. That would be seen as a paradigm shift away from the accepted principles in that field.

An example in broader culture: you could argue that the recent vote to leave the EU denotes a paradigm shift away from pro-Eurocentric attitudes in the UK, attitudes that had been held for many decades prior to the vote.

That’s admittedly a really poor example, and one that could easily be refuted. It is still quite early here though, so my bad :laughing: ; hopefully that at least gives you some idea of what it means.

Talking of early…

Can anyone explain where the noticed kill is in this:

I’ve tried knocking the extra apartment guard out with a brick just in case, and Freddie’s getting bumped on the way out; no notifications popping, so it’s kind of got me stumped as to which wiring is getting seen. One of the balcony hits? :thinking:


Hmmm…it could be the balcony kill of Camelia


I’ve checked the square and nobody seems to react. Maybe it’s spotted from way off and I didn’t notice.

Could have sworn I’ve killed her many times on that balcony unseen. :persevere: Cheers though, I’ll give it another try with a lure in a bit and see if that fixes it.


Yea that’s true. I’ve shot her when she was standing in the balcony before too. Could also be a glitch haha


Unusual Targets
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