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Not sure why the thread @JetBlackIris made has been locked and what-not…

but here are the Xbox versions of his Advanced/Remixed story missions if anyone wants to try them out:

Hitman: Prologue [Advanced] – 3-01-4725312-88
Hitman: Showstopper [Advanced] – 3-02-4071607-88
Hitman: World of Tomorrow [Advanced] – 3-03-5428755-88
Hitman: A Gilded Cage [Advanced] – 3-06-1626503-88
Hitman: Club 27 [Advanced] – 3-08-1633539-88
Hitman: Freedom Fighters [Advanced] – 3-09-9824760-88
Hitman: Situs Inversus [Advanced] – 3-10-2707166-88
Hitman: The Icon [Advanced] – 3-05-2237021-88
Hitman: A House Built on Sand [Advanced] – 3-07-7867747-88
Hitman: Landslide [Advanced] – 3-04-7794000-88


I wanted to recreate a few of those aswell but his thread got removed. GG


I don’t know if normally Unnoticed Kill comes up in the top right after Melee Kill when you use a fibre wire, but it never came up once throughout your run. I wonder if the legshot on the security guard has broken your run? Could you try waiting for the security guard to walk away, kill the first target, and see if Unnoticed Kill comes up?


Great run, very similar to mine but I had no idea that just dropping the gun would work eheh.

Here’s my original 0:41 run

And my new 0:36, using the knowledge learned from @fkgfw and using a different exit

Also, I think this is a neat trick that is not used in the final speedrun, but it was the thing I wanted to initially design the contract around.
You can neatly get Sean Rose to go upstairs by first attracting his guard, then immediately dropping a gun to make him go talk to his bodyguard that went to check the sound.


I think that could well be it; it’s either that or the balcony kill Raj mentioned. There’s SA on the board around 3:30 or something where I subdued the guard, but I can’t honestly remember where the Camelia kill was on that run (she may have been in the apartment).

Stuck in this FIFA tournament atm, but I’ll check it out later and see what’s up with it. There’s no real reason for that legshot to wreck the run afaik, but… yeah.


Staff Hater by @CHAOS_AGENT_45
I did this contract in so many ways, but I liked this run the best… It was also my fastest time I got on it.
Very fun contract.

  • I make use of something as I would dub; the controlled toss. It’s when you cancel the crouch toss into a stand toss.
  • From a crouch position, do a toss and immediately stand up -
    The toss will be very controlled with very little bounce. Super useful for: If you want to pick it up fast, want to throw it in a very specific place without it bouncing around too far/randomly, and it works well to attract specific NPC’s that are standing near each other and/or grouped together.


Nicely done Johnny! Good Luring technic. My intention was to use C4, but it doesn´t work to get SA. My 1:01 was with Big One and 4x Headshots. Thanks for playing


Yeah C4, everyone tried that HAHAHA, Neo rah got exposed in the leaderboard that way :stuck_out_tongue:


Secret Lesbians




That description’s kind of not cool, dude. :pensive:


Paris Skill Test
ID: 1-02-7330452-05



kurt donovan again



Don’t bother with this one mate, too advanced for you <3


“Urben I made a Paris version of your Hokkaido puzzle”
“ya cool bro”

-> Sato, Kurt


don’t say that mate.
killing kurt, taking his phone, make lockdown for dalia and victor, and killing them with suspressed shotgun and taking dalia’s poison to poison sato’s drink.

it shouldnt be easy ;D




I’m sure there are many strats, but we all saw them quite some times I guess.

@Fortheseven Funfact: lightbulbs are forbidden here because of ̶l̶o̶b̶b̶y̶i̶s̶m̶ environment reasons.


Unusual Targets by @Fortheseven, SA/SO/DE/FW/!EV/!KO & Speed (2:04)

Sub-2min is trivial I think and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets 1:30 or so, but I don’t care enough to work at getting the time down too much.


This will probably get lost in the new content hype, but I was messing around on Landslide while TEW was installing and made this if anyone wants to give it a try.

Name of Contract: A Time to Kill
Contract ID: 3-04-6968599-88
Platform: XB1
Location: Landslide

Not got a pic but there’s a three target Icon contract called The Sagese Brothers as well (3-05-1164789-88).