Hotline Miami Series Thread


Kind of late to this, but the “The Lost Tapes” series is one I recently finished. It is a 3 part series with custom sprites and characters. It’s based on the alpha version of Midnight Animal, as said in the description of it. Another one I liked was the “Cold War” trilogy,which follows a butcher who wears a polar bear mask. Custom story and characters, but I haven’t finished it yet.

I think my favorite series is “The Rooster Files”, which has custom music, 9 level campaign, and has Jacket has the playable character. I thought the selling point was that you play as the police as well, investigating the crime scenes that Jacket caused.


Try custom story called Miami Falls


So i know quite abit about Hotline miami memes, but what’s the deal with the CHK CHK CHK thing? I don’t understand what it’s referencing?


Well I finally got myself a laptop, As well as Hotline Miami 1 and 2. The controls are very awkward on computer but I’ll manage.


I can’t see why everyone prefers the first game over the second. Wrong Number has more levels, and level editor, more characters, better story, better music, and more. And the first game also freezes and crashes randomly. The only things that are better is the ability to use any mask in any level and human shields.


I think people like the level design better too. HM1 Had much tighter level designs. HM2 was more open. It led to alot shots coming from nowhere. Both games have their ups and downs in my opinion. I have a tougher time picking a favorite.


Really? I always thought kmb was better, but I’m probably more used to it. If you ever do get into making levels, good luck on that, IMO I think the level creator is confusing to use, but it could be different for you. If you do master it, it’s worth it with all the depth it has.


It’s a bit weird. I did some tinkering around with it. I think I might be able manage Once i get used to everything. Played some custom levels and man an i glad for the extra content. Alot of these were good. I just played a hard campaign. Well it’s mostly hard because alot of the levels are long. The last level is like five or six floors. Didn’t help that i wasn’t used to control either. Almost broke my new computer in a fit of rage haha.
As for controls, it’s not too bad. I was playing in my bedroom so there wasn’t really a suitable surface to use. Kept having to position myself differently. It could also be because I’m more used to a PS controller. I’ll probably try to use that to play from now on.


Level editor is Pc only


If you have the game from Steam Use the controller


Thanks for the advice.
Any reason why?


Btw do i have to mod the game to hear custom music.


I think in the description of the level there is a download link for the custom music.


Editor is very weird to use. Also sucks that you can only make cutscenes for campaigns. I think the biggest problem is that it doesn’t give you descriptions on what things do and it doesn’t give you any tutorials on how to do things. It just drops you in and you have to figure everything out yourself. This works for gameplay but not for something like a level editor or a cutscene creator.


I’m halfway through HM2’s hard mode - just finished Act 3. Dead Ahead was a nightmare lol but the rest was honestly pretty easy :stuck_out_tongue:


Dead Ahead is the hardest level on hard mode so you’re good from now on.


I thought takeover was the hardest level.


Did you beat the game? What did you think of it overall?


It’s great :smiley: - I think I prefer it to the original, mainly because of the soundtrack which (somehow) beat the original’s hehe

Ending was pretty abrupt, not sure how to feel about it. Evan4life


That’s kind of done purposely. Other than the newspapers Theres nothing really leading to it. Hotline Miami is one of those games that teases the player with info they’ll never have. The level before it though was pretty cool even though it’s not much of a challenge. Did you see the secret cutscene for when you start a new game?