Hotline Miami Series Thread


Yeah. I wanted to bring a Baseball Bat but my brother kept saying that they wouldn’t let me even though I’m pretty sure they would. Think II’m gonna try to recreate Jacket’s piece from Payday 2 for my next convention.
As for Thors hammer, they were letting people go up on stage and pose with it. I didn’t actually bring it.


A “Small” teaser for my next level. :wink:


Is level editor really that good:O Cant wait to get my hands on this;)


I prefer this over the contract creator. Much more control of you know what you’re doing.


Does this make HM2 even better:)?


On pc? I would say yes. Only because of the level editor imo. I still don’t see why it can’t be added in console. Speaking of which i need to play console games again. It’s been so long. :sweat:


My third level has now officially been started! Any questions feel free to ask! Sidenote: I’ve started making Cover pics just as a hobby! While these are very small they do look quite good. Give me your thoughts! And yes I do plan on using these in the future.

These are ones I’ve shown off already.

Here are two new ones:


Small update. Found out how to upload thumbnails they look rather bad right now but i think I found a new app that can make them in better quality


I just finished your second level “Fresh Meat”, it was really fun. I liked how it had all the cut scenes, and the kind of tie in to the main story, with the Pig mask guy being an actor in Midnight Animal. I also got a mega combo on the third floor, which are always nice. But I had a bug in the level, as I was going to the car. I got stuck on one of the stairs, so I couldn’t move, as well as finish the level. Don’t know if there was a problem with the level itself or the game, but other than that, I think it was better than your first level. Keep up the great work :thumbsup:.


Thanks for playing! I noticed the glitch too. It happens if stairs are too close to the wall. unfortunately i spotted it after the release.


Hey guys, so I stayed up a fairly long time trying to cram it, but my third level is now finished. I don’t wanna sound like a broken record but please try to rate these levels. It helps a whole lot. Anyways my third level Vermin is now available!


So I wanna take a break from talking about the level editor for a bit. What do you guys think of Martin Brown/Pig Butcher? There’s a theory that while Midnight Animal does exist, he’s not actually acting in it. It mentions that he’s another copycat killer who’s hallucinating the movie production so he has an excuse for murder. ’


That kind of would make sense, with that interview that Martin Brown did, but was all a dream. Something else to add is that when the director says cut at the end of each level, none of the “actors” get up, but they remain dead.


Playing through this really cool campaign I found on the workshop. It’s called Berlin Blitz, and its set in WW2. Manny Pardo was set back in time to kill HItler, and there is a ton of custom stuff. There is custom cutscenes, assets, and sprites and weapons skins. It’s a two level campaign, but I only completed the first one. It was pretty long, maybe 4 or 5 floors. Would highly recommend it. He even gave a download link for all the custom assets that he used, so that you can use them in your own levels.

Also found a level that was based on the 90s Doom. Just mostly been downloading a ton of campaigns and levels, Been really enjoying them, adds a lot to the game.


Did you play my New level? :wink:
I’ve seen berlin blitz on YouTube, have mr a good chuckle so i might play it!

“Only thick organic material can make it through the portal…” :joy:


That and his name is never mentioned outside of his level. I like that they never make it obvious.


Yeah, I played your level, I just forgot to tell you about it. It was really good, I liked how there was a good balance with big open areas and closed in areas. That seems to be the theme with popular levels on the workshop. I also liked how in each floor there were ways to get huge combos with all the enemies, which is nice.


Ok how could I forget bringng this up in this topic. Have you guys ever heard of Bloodbath Kaskav? Originally it was called Hotline Kaskav until Denaton asked them to change the name. If you’re unaware, this game got it’s five minutes of fame for ripping off Hotline Miami so much it’s like they weren’t trying to hide it! It’s also supposed to be extremely shitty and hard to play. The only redeeming part is the soundtrack. Apparently the song artist made a bunch of tribute songs for hotline miami. The creator of the game wanted to use the songs for Bloodbath Kaskav so he asked the artist… over and over again until he said yes. Everything about this game just screams trash. Why Am I saying this? Because I might actually buy this game just to really see how horrible it is! :joy: Tell me if you guys know anything about this game!


I haven’t actually heard of the game, which I guess is a good thing. But I have seen developers clearly rip off other major games, it’s just a popular trend now. I looked at the steam page for Bloodbath Kaskav, and even the font they used screams Hotline Miami. I think the worst thing about it is that it tries to be trendy and hip with using memes to reference “modern media culture”.


I have a feeling that the guy who made this game is scummy. Like I said before the only reason he has a good soundtrack was because he wouldn’t leave the music artist alone. He wanted nothing to do with this game.