Hotline Miami Series Thread


Just saw Steam page. Looks and sounds really horrible. Its even worst than Midnight Animal;D


I heard about Midnight Animal… I heard that alot of Hotline fans were really excited until it adopted a new anime/persona look.


As I play more campaigns in the level editor, I’m getting better at the game. I have way better reflexes with enemies running at me, I can be more efficient when shooting guns, and I can pull off better combos.

The campaigns I have played so far are the Cold War Trilogy, Heather, Berlin Blitz, and The Rooster Files. The one I am playing now is The Rooster Files, which has Jacket as the playable character. I am on the 4th level out of 9, and it’s really good. I also played a lot of single levels, which are really fun and have cut scenes and such in them as well.


Im having so much fun with Level editor:D


I just finished the The Rooster Files campaign. Really high quality stuff, great story, the ending was great as well. No spoilers, but it was a hard choice. Also, the level design was great, not too easy but not too hard, and you could get some really great combos. You should go check it out on the workshop.


You’re welcome! :wink:


Well I hope you and everyone else will be happy to hear that I’ve started making my own campaign. The first level is already done. Feel free to ask questions. I’m gonna leave a (literally) small teaser image later on today.


Is it going to be in Miami? Or is it going to take place in a different location? Are you planning on using the Fans or Jacket, or are you going to make everything custom? Don’t want to spoil too much, but how many levels are you planning to do for the campaign? Looking forward to playing it, campaigns are really fun, and it’s interesting to see people get creative with the level editor.


It will take place in Miami, it will be about 4 or 5 levels complete with cutscenes. I might do up to seven levels but the current plan is 4-5. I wouldn’t take the story too seriously. It’s a bit of a noncanon origin story… kinda. I think the teaser image will reveal who the character is.



Feel free to ask any further questions. I won’t be spoiling too much though.


Are you using Jake from HM2 as the playable character? Surprisingly enough, I haven’t played any fan made levels with him yet.


Yes. Not only that, you’ll also be able to pick any mask for all levels. The first level is quite fun with all masks and I made sure you can get good combos with all masks too.


So what are some small changes you would make to HM 1, 2, and the level editor?
I would make it so Jacket has his classic skin. It looks a bit off to me.
I like Biker’s new skin though, however I would like to see his classic random executions come back. It’s just a generic throat slit now.
Also I would make it easier to animate characters in the cutscene editor. Specifically I would make it so you can easily pick which frames to start and stop on.


The thing that bugs me the most in the Level Editor is Jackets Tony Mask and how it worked in HM1 vs HM2. In HM1, you could ground finish people in one click, but in HM2 Jacket just has to do the normal finisher, which takes a couple of clicks to do. It really bugs me that they haven’t fixed that yet.

Also, I have used Jacket in the Level Editor, I never noticed a difference with him between how he looked in HM1, and HM2. I haven’t used the Level Editor, but they should put up more tutorials or make it more user friendly, it’s very overwhelming when you start out with it.


In HM2 his Jacket and pants are a darker tone and they don’t really pop out as much, as they go in the first game. Also his Jacket is open instead of closed. My guess for the color change is because they wanted it to look more like the ones in the promo art


So I was thinking about adding a Henchman level in the campaign but I’m not totally sure about the idea just yet. It would probably just be that one level.


Bad time trying to create the second level. I had a pretty decent layout for the first floor. When I tried to test play to see I can maneuver properly, the game just froze. It didn’t even have any items in the level. I was forced to delete it.


I have been trying to beat hard hard mode for the achievement for HM2, and I keep on dying from the dogs. I always use Tony, and he keeps on doing that animation for killing the dogs, and it messes up my speed of killing everyone. Also, the fat people are a pain as well, but I am on Act 4 so it’s not that bad.


Good luck on Takeover. You’ll probably need to check into an asylum after that one.


Ok good news! I just finished the second level. (Thankfully it’s not a long level so deleting it the first time was not a major set back.) Still wondering if I should do that level with The Henchman though.