Hotline Miami Series Thread


I’m about to end my life with playing Hard mode. It took me 35 minutes to complete Dead Ahead, and now I am stuck on Deathwish. I just can’t get past Corey the Zebras floor, I have no idea how to do it. Where ever I go, I get shot from some other glass room, and it’s driving me insane. On the plus side, I learned that you can hold Corey’s dodge roll, which I guess is useful, but I always go Tony instead of the other fans.

I rage quit, might have to look up a guide to figure it out, I can’t figure out a reliable strategy.


I was gonna say use guns but then i remembered… they fucked with the ammo. Big time.


I feel like after playing maybe half of hard mode is that ii’s seriously flawed. The normal mode is fine, you can be very strategic with the routes and tactics you use, but hard mode relies too much on luck; at least for me when I play. I have to hope that the one guy misses with his shotgun, hope the guy doesn’t see me with the gun, I feel like they could have done better with it.

I don’t know if it’s just me but imo I feel like there is too many enemies in small areas. This also adds to the luck factor because some levels start with the fat guys in the first room, and I brought a melee weapon instead of a gun from the last floor. And even if I did have ammo for it, most rapid fire weapons only have like 15 bullets, which is used a lot when you just spray into a herd of enemies, hoping to hit the people with the guns.


I think the first half of the game is a nice good challenge, the second half i think aims to frustrate the player by any means.


Ok so I’m once again having trouble test playing my second level. (Playing while editing) Thankfully the second level is already done but this boggles me as it’s not even that big of a level. Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend for the remaining levels.


Campaign update: I’m halfway through the campaign. Just got to decide whether I want to use a level with the henchman or not.


@Spodey Have you played any cool campaigns/levels?


The only custom level I’ve played aside from yours was a remake of Hot & Heavy lol (which was surprisingly almost-identical)


There are quite a few good remakes actually. I think theres a remake of Tension, Deadline, and a couple remakes of Dead Ahead using different characters and harder difficulty.
You should play Snek Ahead. :laughing:


Excuse me?

Some people are just plan evil.


I’ve only played Snek Ahead and Beard Ahead. Snek Ahead was the better of the two.


Huge setback on the snake eyes campaign. The second level is once again unplayable. I’m not sure what to do to fix it. It crashes during the transition to the second floor. It’s a shame as it’s an awesome level that i think you guys would enjoy.


That’s a shame. Maybe it involves some kind of big in the transition from the first floor to the second, with where you spawn?


I don’t think so. I mean I walk in the elevator and it just ctashes. It must be something unique to the level. Like I said this is the second time this happened with this level. I had to remake the level from scratch and it happened again.
This hasn’t happened with any other level.
I hope there’s some simple fIx. I can’t even properly edit the level either. Once I try to edit another floor it crashes.


Forgot to mention, i do plan on making a single level to help tide you guys over. The series might be on hold til I figure out a solution for this.


More bad news. Now my newest level is crashing. I definitely think it has something to do with elevators. I just need a solution.


Update: My series is still on hold, however I am working on a solution. This has really held up the flow I usually work in. I have however just finished a single level that I might drop in a few hours or tomorrow as an apology for the wait on the series.
Thank you for your patience! Good Hunting!


Wow this didn’t take long lol. I ended up releasing the level just now. Look for my new level “Rock Hard” Starring The Biker as he takes A rock and roll bar that’s been seized by the russians. It’s fairly easy and you can clear out the entire level in one huge combo if you play your cards right! Tell me what you guys think and please don’t forget to rate it!
Good Hunting!


So @Spodey and I were talking the other day about music we’d like to see in the level editor. I said I would like to see Power Core and Light of Your Dress. How about you guys?


I don’t know the names of the music, but it would be cool if they had an update or someone made a list of music that fits the theme of Hotline Miami. Then people could use the music for the levels they are making.