Hotline Miami Series Thread


Turbo Killer by Carpenter Brut <3




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I’m dropping a new level tonight. It’s called Night Call. Be on the lookout for it. :wink:


I just finished your two recent levels, Night Call and Rock Hard. Both were pretty fun to play, Night Call was really challenging, probably your hardest level yet.

On Rock Hard, I kind of learned that Biker could stab the fat guys, I didn’t know this at first, I thought I you could only kill them with knives. Nice to see that they added an animation for stabbing the fat guys with the cleaver. I also liked how you balanced the enemy types, compared to some other levels I’ve seen where they add too many dogs or fat dudes. I also really liked how you could get big combos, especially on the third floor with everything in the open.

For Night Call, I found it really tough. It took me forever to get past the first floor, because I kept on getting shot before I could run to the enemy. I also liked how it wasn’t too hard, so I didn’t just keep dying on an inconsistent rate. The other floor with the the group of shotgun people and the fat dude really messed me up, because the chainsaw guy ran at me fast, I also started with a melee weapon so I had to run and switch weapons fast. Really fun though, but I experienced a bug with the table with the military weapons (flamethrower, sniper rifle, SMG) as I couldn’t pick up the weapons. Probably was there for decoration but the game said I could pick them up. At the end cut scene I totally though you were going to throw in a Hitman reference, but it was still a cool ending.

As you make more levels I can see you are improving and each level is getting better, keep up the great work :+1:


I just noticed the bug with the gun table. Odd how in the editor it appears to be empty but in game it has weapons layed out on it. In fact Theres a bug that can transform you into beard! :fearful:
I might be taking a break from making levels and instead working on a patch for some of my earlier levels. I’ve already made an update to Gunrunner that hopefully fixes the transition to the second floor. The next fixes will be fresh meat which has a missing cutscene in the beginning as well as the transition to the second floor.
Also I’ve decided that I’m going to release the first level to my Snake Eyes Campaign as a preview. It’It’s the only one that works right and I still find it very fun.
:EDIT: Can anyone tell me if the Fresh Meat bugs still exist? I played it a few minutes ago and saw that the level was completely broken. Then I select it through a different menu and now it’s fine. Very confusing.
Feel free to report any other bugs to me that I can fix.


Aren’t your score requirements a bit forgiving? I mean I haven’t played HM2 since I finished it on launch, now I installed it, played your Gunrunner level, sucked ass and still got an S rating.


I’m not too clear on what to put for a High Score. Sometimes i feel like if I go any higher an S rank would be impossible. Rock Hard on the other hand will be getting an updated score. The combos in that level really build up and go way over the requirment for an S rank, So expect a fix for that.


Fresh Meat was a bit frustrating to me. Very dark and enemies with their clothes color were hard to spot at times. I was entering what looked like an empty room to just get a bullet in the head :smiley:


Buuut Vermin I enjoyed very much!


Wow My last two levels made it on the most popular pages! Wasn’t expecting that to happen.


So do you guys have any favorite modded characters?
I really like the Void Cop. Everything about her is badass.


Some of them are pretty cool. I have played all the Void Cop levels, so she was pretty cool. I also liked the main character from the “Cold War” series, because he went insane during the story.


How many levels does Void Cop have? I think I’ve only seen two.


I’m only subscribed to 2 as well, but you can check the how many levels Void cop has by checking the levels that the author made.


I think I have already.
Back on topic, there was a Biker reskin that I like. Don’t remember the name but he has a snake mask and a red tracksuit. He has a broken bottle instead of a cleaver. It’s kind of funny seeing enemies chopped in half just from a glass bottle although the same goes for a Cleaver I assume. :joy:
Oh he also has a new animation for killing fat bodyguards. It looks like he slashes and stabs their chest a couple times.


Is the reskin something you download or is the skin used on a specific level? Sounds pretty cool and I haven’t played a lot of user levels using Biker.


Sadly he’s not used too often. The reskin is in a specific level. If I remember correctly it was a preview for a future campaign.


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Released the first level to my campaign as well as adjusted the score for Rock Hard. Hopefully someone will help me figure this glitch out.
The level is a weeks old but I think you guys will enjoy it. Tell me what you think. I’ll be working on some new levels in the meantime.
Good Hunting!