Hotline Miami Series Thread


I’m aware. :wink: that was actually something they planned. In the first game Beard mentions “not feeling this bad since San Francisco”. In the second game they actually show why. Alot of his story was planned from the first game.


Fun fact: Pardo and Evan are real, the latter being practically Batman is debatable, though.


Again i was aware. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know alot about this game. I’m not too sure who evan is based on but i know Pardo was based on a police officer of the same name.


Beard is also the man in Wrong Number cover:D(No shit sherlock)


Evan Wright’s a war jorunalist and best-selling author. I dunno about his IRL combo potential, though.


Well I just finished the original Hotline Miami for the first time and damn, that was great (although the ending was kinda flat). I loved the assault on the police station :smiley: Gonna try to get all (or most) achievements before moving on to HM2 huehue


There are two endings;)


Yeah, I know w/ the puzzle and all huehue I’ll probably do that tomorrow

but since I’m here:

If HM2 doesn’t live up to the original’s soundtrack I will kms

@Tuppe it might be better to just repurpose this thread for Hotline Miami in general :stuck_out_tongue:


I am stuck on a couple levels for the A+ ranking in HM1. I keep on getting A- or A and it is slowly killing me. And it’s the last achievement I have to get, so I just can’t miss it.

After I finish that achievement, I plan on moving to HM2, don’t know if I can get all the achievements.


There is a guaranteed way to get an A+ on all levels. Equip the Carl mask and execute as many people as you can with the drill. It’s easier said than done but the drill nets you the most points.


The Tracks in HM2 are a bit more experimental. I personally loved them and every level had its own track. They never repeated.


Thanks for the info. I always used Tony or Zack, never understood why Carl was so useful. I am stuck on the police station level, but I always manage to die when I am doing the execution with the drill. Im going to have to try this later today.


It’s Really hard to do. You might die alot Trying this method.


Six words for you: Chk chk chk chk chk chk


I some how don’t know what your referring to.


It got meme’d pretty quick. It’s like, half the comments on any video with the song in. Or was.


I think Wrong Number is better in every way, except maps being too big and enemies shooting you from off screen.

Many people complain about the lack of masks in the sequel, but I prefer the way Dennaton has chosen, the masks, or rather characters, really do make a difference when playing. Who doesn’t love some Alex & Ash action? Older masks provided such a small variety in gameplay they were just dull to me.

And Wrong Number has level creator, so there’s that.


I might be the only one who doesn’t totally love alex and ash. Ash… or was it Alex… the guy with the gun doesn’t always follow precisely and its led to many deaths.


I think i see what you mean. Can’t look at the comments though. Lol.
I really like this song btw. Something really sinister and robotic about it.


Too bad that Silenced Uzi is only in HM1:/ Its my favorite Pistol and Gun in the series. My Favorite melee weapons are Fireaxe,Chainsaw and Drill