Hotline Miami Series Thread


A bit off topic but does anyone here play PAYDAY 2? I swear I only bought that game just to play as Jacket. They have a good chunk masks from Hotline Miami 1 and 2 also.


Yep. Played since the realease. My favorite Dlc is Hotline miami:D Best heist and Masks


FINALLY I CONPLETED DEAD AHED(boat level) ON HARD MODE!!:smiley: Please give me a Medal or something


Pffft Just wait til you get to Takeover… You’ll need therapy after that one.


Oh Fuck…
20 characters


I haven’t got around to playing hard mode, but I want to after I get used to the normal mode. Normal mode is already hard enough, but I want to get the achievement for beating hard mode. Just going to peak around corners, then run away and kill them behind corners.


Death Wish: Rooms Full of Fuking Windows:/


Believe me they should have renamed it to nightmare mode.
Something they don’t tell you is that ammo for all guns is halfed… everytime you pick it up.
Examaple: normal mode you pick a shotgun and it had 6 bullets.
In hard mode you pick up a shotgun it has 3 bullets. So you just think “oh ok, ammo is halved”. Then you throw your shotgun without shooting a single shot, pick it up again, and find out that you only have 1 bullet left.
Hard mode is frusterating because of that one feature.


Also another reason i love Hotline miami is Manhunt. Its like Manhunt but in Retro style:D


I loved manhunt. Dennis Wedin said it was one of his favorite games


Manhunt 1 is a Ps2 classic. I have both Ps2 game and Ps4 remastered version with the trophies. Really awesome game and One of best Rockstar games ever. You should get this for Ps4 if you dont have it


I also think that some HM weapons are from Manhunt like Nail Gun


I do own it on PS4. Unfortunately my PS2 collection is dwindling ever since it broke. The controls are a bit weird with the shoulder triggers


I just saw 2 videos explaining the story for HM1. as well as HM2. I had no idea that the fans were the soldiers in Hawaii, as well as Jacket being a soldier as well. I also never realized that the explosions were actually nukes. Also had no idea that the Colonel assassinated the U.S and Russian President.


How are you just now figuring this out? Aside from the fans it is kind of obvious info.
Sorry if i found like a dick by the way


I played the game years ago, didn’t really play attention, nor understand the story as I do now. As years passed, I played a lot more “story” games, so I understand/pay attention to them now. I just didn’t care about the story when I first played it in 2015. I played more games back then for the gameplay, but now I play more story heavy games. I did figure out the story for the first one when I first played it. It’s just that I focused more on gameplay over story.


The picture that Jacket throws in the end of the first game is the same one Evan took of Jacket and Beard in the war.


Yeah, I realized that. I saw the creator of the game say that the ending for 2 was planned when they were making HM1. I love it when games foreshadow events in later games, then you come back to it and realize all the details, hinting at the sequel.

Also, when Beard saves one of the soldiers, Beard says it’s on the house, when the other soldiers thank him. It’s probably why he says that a lot in the first one. Another nice detail.


That soldier he saved was Jacket. When beard is seen talking on the phone in the second game, he’s having a conversation with jacket just before he dies. Because most of the first game takes place in Jacket’s coma dream alot of the events of the second game are referenced by beard. They were best friends in the war, so when Jacket learned that the man who saved his life died it must’ve messed him up more. The line “it’s on the house” is forever in his mind. It’s also why beard is extremely friendly towards Jacket in the first game.


It’s definitely one of those games you need to play twice to pick up on small details. Which i love.