Hotline Miami Series Thread


But what happened to 50 blessings after the Russian mob leader dead? Petrov mentions that they just went underground


I have both of the Achievement Whore achievements in Hotline Miami… yes, this I sure am.


I already have a strategy for hard mode. Just hide behind corners, shoot something, then melee kill everyone who comes near me. The best part of hard mode for me is that I don’t have to worry about score, which is always nice.


After Jacket killed the Russian leader, the men who (i think) are in charge of the 50 blessings organised it to have all the operatives killed. This is evidenced by them paying a visit to Richter, before having someone attempt to kill him in prison. By the 90’s they must have completely disbanded or went into hiding. Because when Evan checks out the Miami headquarters it’s completely run down and inhabited by vagrants. It’s theorized that they may have had something to do with assassination of both russian and american presidents. What happens to 50 blesings is a bit hard to explain as the game loves to tease the player with info they’ll never have.


So I went back to the first hotline miami and I’m playing through the game like normal. I started having a lot of trouble with melee hit detection in the middle of the game, on one the toughest levels no less. If there’s something Hotline Miami 1 could fix it’s that. It works much better in Wrong Number. :disappointed_relieved: But then again i could just suck.


Had the same problem as well, especially on levels like Hot and Heavy. Levels that have narrow areas seemed to have the issues like that for me.

It was definitely improved in HM2, but there is one level in the game where the hit detection goes wrong. On the prison escape level, those people that charge at you always (at least when I played) seem to hit me way earlier than they should have. Sometimes they even cut corners, if you are hiding behind one to kill you.


I recall them being pretty hard to deal with. I got used to it though to the point where i can time it. In the first game it feels like i swing through an enemy pretty often. Can get really annoying if you’re trying to get an A+.


Finally beat Hotline Miami once again. It’s nice to hear the calming menu music of Wrong Number.
Expanses 2 is much more calming than Flatline. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Although that’s mostly because Flatline gives me Vietnam flashbacks to the hospital level. :sweat:


Heres challenge: Beat Whole HM1 as Richard. Really easy;) Took me about 2 hours


At the end of HM1, does anyone know a specific reason why Jacket threw the photo at the end of the game? Was it because he didn’t want to remember his past life? Maybe he wanted to let go?


I do that all the time now. I did it for most of this play through actually. :joy:


Can’t say I know an exact reason.Obviously from Wrong Number we now know what was on the picture. Maybe he fealt he had avenged beard in some way?


Maybe he wanted forgot him? Beard gave the picture to Jacket because he wanted to Jacket remember him for saving his ass.


Wish i had a bit more time to dig into It. Gotta work soon.
In the comic book it’s confirmed that jacket was arrested at the mansion after the boss fight. Maybe he just saw no point in keeping the picture anymore. He probably knew the police would take it away anyways.


Slowly running out of achievements to do for HM2, except the hard mode and A+ trophies. For people who have gotten the A+ achievement, what is the best way to get A+ for all the levels in HM2? HM1 was pretty easy to get, but I can’t figure out an easy way to get A+ in every level. Anyone have an easy method to do it?


Just keep the combos going man.


Try to get many melee kills and some good combos


The only two trophies i need are A+ and use all weapons. I can’t seem to figure out what weapon i need


You can check to see how many weapons you haven’t used in the options under achievements (doesn’t tell you what weapons). The ones I was missing was the broken bottle (bottle and broken bottle are different) as well as the red acid bottle on the level Withdrawal. Also there is a taser that I missed on the level where you play Martin Brown (Pig Mask) kills everyone in the police station. The taser is held always by the big fat guys.


I’m pretty sure i got those. I’m gonna check this list to see how much more i need. I think it’s just one though.