Hotline Miami Series Thread


I finally got the Box of Sharp Weapons Trophy! :smiley: 1 more trophy for platinum! Oddly enough it was the flame thrower that I didn’t have. I know for a fact that I used it!


So lately I’ve been thinking about getting a Laptop just so i can play Hotline Miami 2’s Level Editor.
I came up with a story that I would really love to share.
I’m not at all Tech Savvy and I’m obviously not looking for anything high end just yet. Can someone point me towards the right direction for a cheap and useful laptop that i can also use to play Hotline Miami 2?


I finally got platinum trophy on Wrong Number. :smiley:

So what are your guy’s favorite levels within the series??


I really like the Nightclub levels from both games, I like how they have lots of flashing lights, and how it’s slightly dark some of them.

I also like the Hot and Heavy level from HM1, even though it took me forever to get an A+ on it.


I also liked Hot and Heavy.

Also Really loved Dead Ahead.

@Spodey did you get any farther in Wrong Number?


I actually haven’t played HM2 since then but I’m probably going to tonight huehue


HM1: Clean Hit
HM2: Deathwish


Hot and Heavy is really awesome level. Its biggest in Hotline miami


Hot and Heavy took me forever to get an A+ on. It was that stage with all the glass windows, I just stood behind a corner and lured people over and used the drill.


Can I just boast a little that I’m an achievement whore in both of these games? :smiley: thanks !


I just got platinum for both games. :wink:


So I’ve been watching a bunch custom levels on you tube and i can officially say that I’m pretty jealous of PC users.
My only gripe is that there doesn’t seem to be a ton of great stories, decent, but not great imo. Also sometimes the characters aren’t too well written.
I’m planning on getting a laptop soon so i can finally play some new levels and hopefully make some campaigns of my own. It’s a step up from HITMAN’s contract creator.


Yeah, after playing a lot of the workshop levels, I can see what you mean. It might just be that people want more gameplay over story, but it’s nice to see people go all in with custom music and sprites. Looking forward to trying your levels whenever you get your labtop.


Ultimately, yes i care more for gameplay over story, and the levels I’ve seen look very well made and challenging.


@STEVEORSOMTHING I’m at the start of Act 5 now, and holy shit all these deaths

The fans dying was so surprising lol, didn’t see that coming by a long shot

Looking forward to finishing hehe, HM2 is great


Wrong Number takes quite a few twists and turns. If I remember correctly you’ve been introduced to quite a few characters. Any favorites so far? Same question for levels.


The fans (particularly Alex and Ash) and Evan :stuck_out_tongue:

Same question for levels.

Subway and Death Wish are the two that stand out.


So back into the topic of custom levels and campaigns there are a few that stand out to me that I would love to play.
Snowfall (I think that’s what it’s called) is one I saw recently that was pretty top Notch. It takes place in Russia where you play as two people from separate factions at war with eachother. New characters, new music, and a very well written story. The level design looked thought out too and looks like it can pose quite a challenge.
What are some custom campaigns or levels you guys liked?


If you want to watch custom level videos check channel called Bluedoctor


That’s the channel i watch