How Would You Improve Bangkok?


That doesn’t make much sense…


Fix the damn glitches.


Yeah… I actually just wish Bangkok would run better than it does. For some reason it’s the most stuttery level in the game for me, way worse than Marrakesh which was the previous performance hog. A good example is the framerate-tanking fridge next to the kitchens, but the average FPS is incredibly variable throughout the map and way more inconsistent than any of the others. Definitely find this more of an issue than the boring routines, annoying building layout, abundance of guards and locked doors.


It is not the framerate I have an issue with. A couple of the missions are broken.


well, i’d say a really dull and dumb target, Ken"The BRICK??"Morgan. He could have been made much more interesting for example,
1.When he arrives via a boat after a couple of minutes when the mission starts.
2.The hotel has 5 levels, from basement to top floor. I’d say add 2 more floors with an accessible rooftop for sniping.
3. A vast majority of the environment is in a shade of yellowish brown. More vibrant colour scheme should be implemented. Maybe a cooler shade which works in contrast with the exteriors.
4. Inaccessible beach.
5. Can’t have fun with the slutty chick that gives 47 key-card to her room (kinda like a house of cards, but the fat lady just passes out lol)
6. Somewhat silly enforcer placement at the reception.


Not against more floors at all, but there is a roof. Considering the limited area around the hotel, sniping from atop two extra floors would not be a great time.

That is because of the time of day and that part is actually quite beautiful, especially when looking out on the river.

The beach is already inaccessible! :joy:

Agreed. It is really stupid and poor level design that Jackie gives you her key card but you are still trespassing and she will report you as such if you are in her room when she returns.

It isn’t silly at all. They do not give him a different outfit, but the maître d’ of a hotel would be at the front desk and should recognize his staff, just like how in Paris the CICADA heads and Viktor know all of CICADA security.

One thing dude, your list got confusing for a second because you combined your suggestions with your complaints (hence my joke on #4)


I don’t like how the top 2 floors in the ken morgan queen suite lead nowhere but back downstairs. Also, there’s a lack of access points to the queen suite at jordan cross’s end.

There should ideally be a way to get from both queen suites to ground level, and there should also be access from the queen suites to the atrium roof.

All of that could be done if the 2 existing pipes that run from ground level to the atrium roof were extended up to the top floors of each section. From both suites you could reach ground or roof level, and it would be an excellent infiltration route. On Jordan Cross’s side of the hotel, the pipe would lead you into that room with the guitar and katana.

I don’t think this would even require too much work on the developer’s part but it’s unlikely to happen.


Any main story mission in general could also do with some unique objectives apart from taking out the targets. World of Tomorrow (Sapienza) was the only one that had this, and that was again “taking out” a virus. Something different like we had in Traditions of the Trade, The Meat King’s Party would be an excellent addition.


Here’s what I would have done to Bangkok, and whilst not a drastic change, it would have added a slightly better immersive hotel, and another opportunity to kill your targets.

I’d add elevators, but, and this is the big one, they wouldn’t be working.
I understand that elevators was a mechanic that IO couldn’t add in, so you put them there, but they’re out of order.

One on each side of the lobby leading to both both floors. A couple of workmen have some dialogue about how taking all that heavy equipment upstairs broke them and what do you know, they’re both on the same ccircuit breaker which is why both are broken and not just the one.

The only elevator doors you can open are the ones on the top floors, and to do so you can use a crowbar, maybe dressed as an engineer to avoid suspicion. You can lure Morgan and Cross in different ways and push them down.
Challenge - ‘Getting the shaft’.

So yeah, a new way to kill your targets but elevators added to make it a more realistic hotel, plus a reason why they cannot be used, avoiding the need to ty and add a fiddly elevator mechanic. Essentially all you’re adding are 2 long holes and calling them elevator shafts.


Bangkok needs some damn elevators :stuck_out_tongue:
Also bring back the fiber wire Death-from-above kills (you know BM style where you could fiber them from any lift trap door)

I remember watching the briefing video of Club 27 and swore that the bonus objective would have been “retrieve the evidence” (break into safe and get the recording etc.)


There were a number of things that would have improved the level considerably. I like the level, some of the kills are neat and creative, but there were some odd choices.

  • Elevators: Obviously, it would take some new programming and under the hood stuff but still. Half of these locations would have elevators IRL a d so it feels weird that they’re nonexistent.
  • More occupied rooms: Make it feel like a hotel. Since half of the hotel is already tied off, the other side of the hotel shouldn’t have been a mirror image but rather multiple floors of rooms with the top floor featuring Morgan’s Queen suite which, unlike the Emperor’s suite which could be as it is in the real game, would take up about half of the floor on that side while the other half would be the usual, smaller rooms.
  • More outside areas: Paris was essentially a square too, just like Bangkok, but it also had a lot of outdoor areas and was all around larger than Bangkok. Or at least feels like it. There’s the front area; the large back garden that features a helicopter escape, stairs down to a gate that leads to a sniping nest, and even a speedboat escape; both sides are accessible and feature various people and opportunities; there were multiple balconies/open windows that lead to ledges for you to scale to reach other open windows on the same level as you or to reach a pipe to climb up or slide down to quickly access another floor; etc. By contrast, Bangkok pretty much only has the three balconies, one of which is yours, on the one side to climb up to different levels or slide down to the side garden – the back and side garden are considerably smaller than in Paris and one of the sides is inaccessible; the other side has a series of balconies to scale up or down to just like the side with your balcony but you obviously can’t go down to the ground; and there are no ledges to traverse around the building to reach other hotel rooms or anything.
  • Bangkok is just small: This smallness is a little upsetting too because after the first two levels, Paris and Sapienza which are giant & sprawling levels with a lot to do for both the story and Contracts mode, Bangkok, a hotel, is so much smaller. The Queen suite is basically pointless and takes up a bulk of the space on one side… seriously it’s useless; it provides two opportunities to kill Ken Morgan (both of which require you to literally clean things up to get to) and it provides the stalker outfit. Other than that, it’s just a gigantic empty waste of space compared to the other side with the jury rigged recording studio. On top of that, on the ground floor, you have the restaurant on one side and then a restricted area on the other due to fumigation so all of those rooms are now conveniently blocked off and that’s a bit disappointing since the exterminators don’t really provide much – it opens up a chance for Cross and Morgan to meet which of course leads to a unique assassination opportunity but that could have been achieved in plenty of different ways… plus the insecticide is pretty much useless for a Silent Assassin run since it KOs everyone in the lobby and thus bodies will immediately be found. So a rather meh opportunity with insecticide and an opportunity for Cross and Morgan to meet which could have been achieved in all sorts of different ways is the apparent trade off instead of more rooms and areas to explore. That doesn’t seem like a particularly great trade.

I still enjoy it but it could have very easily been the best level of the season. Actually, the latter half of the season seems considerably…smaller. Paris was large. Sapienza was huge. Marrakesh was big but felt smaller since the majority of the mission takes place at the school and consulate but is pretty big for Contracts. Bangkok is smaller than Paris despite both being squares and is made even smaller by the way they used the space (giant top floor suites, not very many occupied rooms, etc.). Colorado is somewhat spacious but flat with no real verticality and just kinda meh. And then Hokkaido is rather on the smaller side too. It feels like there should have been more patient rooms (seriously, where are all those white robed patients staying?), why is there only one operation going on and only a couple of rooms with patient beds (that patients never go to). Again, I actually really like Hokkaido but based on Paris and Sapienza, I sort of expected all of these levels to be… bigger. Now, quality > quantity, of course. But Paris and Sapienza were huge and also jampacked with quality elements. Hokkaido is pretty good quality-wise… but why couldn’t it also have been bigger?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the new game and had fun with all of the levels, but still.


The worst thing about Bangkok to me is the way it makes “disguise play” so contrived and tedious. I really like the idea of enforcers, as I think most of us do, but look at what you have to do to avoid them while navigating the floors on the left side of the building. It feels so dumb having to crouch and hide behind stuff in a hallway while you’re wearing a disguise just to break the amount of uninterrupted time that an enforcer sees you. You blatantly have to monkey around to “refresh” their attention meter.


Elevators; not having an entire side of the hotel blocked off to guests; no more NPCs than there are rooms.


They probably don’t have rooms, I guess.


I believe the Hokkaido patients are staying at the town at the bottom of the lift hill, they just go up during the day and probably have to leave when it hits 10pm or something.


Might be a bit late to this thread. One thing I have a major problem (forgive me if it’s been mentioned) is the fact that the band crew has complete control over an entire wing. I wouldn’t mind if it were just the queen suite, But I feel like the other rooms could’ve been put to good use if other guests were staying in them. It would improve Bangkok Contracts alot. ’


The thing with Marrakesh is, I kinda feel why people don’t like it. Design wise, it almost seems like a PS2 era map. You have the ambassy at one end, the school around the corner and the market in between. The kind of era where they wanted much but due to technology had to limit the scope of it.
Paris and Sapienza allow themselves to breathe and take the room they need. Thats why Sapienza feels less like a map, and more like an actual location you visit in the game.
Marrakesh, doesn’t really feel like it gets the room it needs.

With Bangkok though, I can’t really pin it down. A big hotel seems like the perfect map. Multiple floors, many different areas(pool, restaurant, etc.) but they didn’t really pan it out like most people would’ve expected. I think many people expected something different and were therefore disappointed(me included.) I think it would’ve needed to be less restricted in design and as said above, allow the hotel theme to really breathe.
Personally I also didn’t care much for the mission subject as well. I found it pretty underwhelming tbh. But thats just me.


Wait a minute… Jackie Carrington can give 47 her keycard?!?
(And this is why this game is the best in the series, folks! :wink: )


yes, just blend in on the bar when on the first floor, and she will pass you her roomcard.


whistles James Bond theme :wink: