Introduce Yourself


Quite the contrary. After 3 bans for unnacceptable behaviour; I consider her completelly unwelcome.


Maybe just a kid. I don’t know history, but don’t make it personal.


Welcome @5hyyy :slight_smile: . I’m Vinnie. Nice to meet you.


Great… the person is banned and posts are deleted. Now it just looks like I’m stalking random ppl and saying “Hi.” Lol


Hello everyone I am ICEMAN23 I’m new here to this forum I’ve been a long time fan of the hitman franchise and also this forum in general and glad I finally joined!!


Welcome to the forum, @ICEMAN23.
By the way @FibreWire, welcome to the forum. In this thread you can introduce yourself more properly if you want to do it.


Hello to everyone…I am MrKoippa…I decided to join and introduce myself a bit.I was on the old hitmanforum(possibly with same name or similar)but my last visit there was on the time Absolution had not been released yet…So it has been a long time…But few days ago I found Blood Money DVD on my closet…And I was hooked again :laughing: I´m from Finland and my English spelling and grammar might be wrong often.I apologize that beforehand :sob: I haven´t played any Hitman after BM…And I can not afford a new PC or console now::cry: But I´m glad to be here and I think I will be reading a lot this of what has come after BM…Which is a lot…
Very nice to meet you all.:smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay in here.


@ICEMAN23 Welcome to the forum fella.
@MrKoippa Welcome and dont worry many folks here haven’t played HITMAN, due to more or less the same reason, so just enjoy and hang around with the community.


Hey guys! I’m José and I’ve been following along for a pretty long time even if I wasn’t taking part in the convos (long boring story). I’m a 23 year old oil painter (as in portraits), film buff, liberal, teacher, masseuse, athlete and last but not least gamer (although that means about a game a year now). I was born in Puerto Rico. Now I live in Lancaster PA and I’ll be moving to Spain next year to be an English teacher. I speak Spanish, English and Italian. If you’d like to discuss politics, film, literature (especially Victor Hugo) or how to best stab a target in an inconvenient outfit please message me. I’ve been getting to know a few of you and so far it’s been a pleasure. Looking forward to being a part of this for a long time.



“It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live.”

“You who suffer because you love, love still more. To die of love, is to live by it.”

“There is something more terrible than a hell of suffering–a hell of boredom.”

And one of my favorites, “I don’t mind what Congress does, as long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses.”


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Nice to meet you, Mr Koippa!


Hi Jose, we’ve met in another thread.
Nice to see you.


Hey Iceman, welcome!


Hell yeah, now that I have Hitman friends I can’t wait to hear everyone’s elusive target story! I can tell we’re going to get along well man.



Welcome to HMF! Always good to see new people discover us or finally decide to actively join the conversations. Lots to talk about here - no doubt!

Here are a couple cool threads I like to suggest if you want to share a little more about yourself. Or at least keep them in mind for when you feel more comfortable around here.

It’s always nice to learn what some of us look like as we make friends on the forum so feel free to post a selfie or even an older pic of your beautiful mug here:

And thru our travels, many members have been able to actually meet in person. Some only a short distance away, some while traveling internationally. Check this thread to see if someone lives near you and maybe post your location as well. The very first post will tell you how to search quickly and easily.

Again, good to have you on board!


Hello. Another Hitman fan here. I’ve been here in the past, but I don’t remember my user name or password. I’ve played and beaten every Hitman game accept season 1 of 2016’s Hitman. I just got it, and I’m loving it. Back to the open world multiple choice Hitman.


Hello and welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your time here :slight_smile::bear:.


Hi @djb204 :sunglasses: