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Hello new members.


Welcome to the Hitmanforum. Enjoy your stay. :smiley:


Welcome to HMF all you newcomers see you around.


i am back after 2 years wow…damn it feels good to be back…just like xander cage…anyone expain to me what happened to hitman forums i tried clicking to the website but error 404 was on .i got a bit scared like hitman forums closed or something.


Hi and welcome again! :slight_smile::bear:


this guy is loaded …here .hey @scm97tl thanks whats up


A lot of things for this and the next week. An escalation, 10 new featured contracts and a new ET in Marrakesh. It’s going to be fun, @thisguyisloaded .


bro one more thing i want to ask you


welcome and enjoy your stay. I hope you´ll have a great time


What thing do you want to ask, @thisguyisloaded?


where can i get some extracted audio files of hitman codename 47 .specially guards voices & quotes.


Sorry man. I don’t know about that. Have you tried checking in videogame-souds related page?


there was one site where i looked at called hitmanHq .its was one of the oldest hitman sites featuring all the videos & audio files .but it went inactive or something


Have you tried getting C:47 and extract the audio files yourself? I know: a lot of work, but in the case you don’t find them is the way to go.


i am hoping some hardcore hitman fan on youtube uploads someday .there is one user there but he is not active these days.thing is i miss those funny voices …like we have a situation


Hi ManiacZombie here, big fan of Hitman

See ya :wink:


Buckethead is the :goat:


Hi Manic, nice to meet ya.


The guitar player? Has he joined HMF!?
That Michael Jackson/ Star Wars thing he did was amazing. He really is the :goat:.


Welcome @Fabio_Massucci and @thisguyisloaded :grinning:.


Welcome @dravenzr! :slight_smile:

Are you a good old dravenstorm from old forum?
The one from Zrenjanin?