Introduce Yourself


Yes sir! And thanks :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome, @dravenzr.


Thank you very much sir!


You might remember me.
I’m also from Serbia.Belgrade precisely.
I messaged you couple of times,my name was Doctor Professor AGENT 58 back then…

We migrated to this new Discourse forum 2 years ago ,so all of the old posts,messages and accounts were deleted


Welcome Max! :grinning:
Enjoy your stay here


Hey Max! Nice to meet you!


I have finally caved and created a Hitmanforum account. I played all the older games a while after they came out, and was never part of an online community for Hitman, which sucks, since looking at what everyone else does adds to the fun!

That and I’ve heard great things about the Discourse platform itself.


nice man, I was a late joiner too. was lurking for way too long.

I only have one question for you though… are you an actual puppy?


I’m actually 3 puppies in a very large coat, thanks.

I have to be careful, I have been banned from places before because I posted too many dogs in serious threads, and I’d hate to be banned here.


@Danger_dog_guy_7 here, I found you a new buddy


R u related to @Sick_Puppy???


At least 20 woofs!


Hi David Welcome! Yeah I loved Breaking Bad. Do you watch Better Call Saul also?


Of course! I’m still waiting to find out when season three will air. It’s not a good as breaking bad but still a great show.


Hi and welcome to the forum, @TheOneWhoKnocks.


Hello, I’m Rafał. I live in Poland and I’m 24. I am a huge fan of Hitman, I love this game! Think that the new Hitman season 1 is the best of all Hitmans in time and I hope the next seasons will be just as satisfying as the first is :smiley:


Hei! - My name is SimmeD and I’m new here. It will be great to know this community a bit more :wink:


Hey SimmeD :slight_smile:



I’ve been watching that gif in the background for a while now. It keeps getting better. :smile: