Introduce Yourself


You are so right :slight_smile:


hello. i am back.

20 characters


Hi @Andrej_Zelman. I hope you’re better and this time things go smooth.


thanks my man. i was in mental asylum for a while but my ptsd should be better


Hope so. Things changed a bit for everyone around here. Maybe you notice some changes.


can you tell me what my man? I wasnt here and didnt play hitman for 4 months at least, anything happened?


Some threads closed, some members gone, some more strict policies and alike.


Im sorry to hear that my man. I was missing this forum as well


No worries. Just keep it cool this time and nothing is going wrong. Welcome back.


Hi I’m Silverballer and I’m a bit of a forum lurker, but I finally decided to join up and I’m really surprised I got this username


Hi and welcome @Silverballer. Enjoy your stay in here.


Thanks (how do you @ people, is it manual or is there an option for it)


It’s manual.


just @ followed by username @Silverballer


Thanks @scm97tl
Oh now I understand why people say 20 characters :joy:


You are welcome. You can avoid it by going to the last option on the menus above the writing post and selecting the option that says Blur Spoiler. Then just erase the text resalted with blue and there you go. No need of writing 20 characters.


Ok thanks :joy: @scm97tl


And again. you’re welcome :bear::slight_smile:.


Hey wasn’t exactly sure where to post this, but I’m getting into writing. i was wondering if it was ok to post reviews and maybe my screen plays on this forum?


Hello, humans! I am called the Chicken. Really new to the Hitman series, so Hitman 2016 (or Hitman 6, as you people would call it…) is my first Hitman game. I’ve kind of been lurking over here for the past 4-5 months, just observing things and picking up contracts, partially because I had never received the confirmation email. (only received it last week after the server change or whatever it was) But, I’m here now, so I hope to develop good friendships here in no time!