Introduce Yourself


I was referring to you playing Hitman on PC and it was a joke :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Hi all new people!!
And Chicken! :laughing: :evergreen_tree:


Hey everyone,

I never introduced myself I just started posting.

I am Kathleen Cleaver I am from Babylon and I won’t argue with you because I am too busy smoking exotic tree.

I like to use the phrase “tho” and “my guy” and any combination of the words “yo/son/aiight”

I prefer to be called by the gender less noun “Champ”

Thank-you and it is a pleasure to be here.


Welcome to the forum, my guy! Roll a big one and come join the discussion, we’re eager for newcomers who want to partake in our awesome recognition of this franchise.

Aiiight? Yeeeeee!



I just wanted to notify everyone that they can share their gamertags(game usernames) with each other and be friends on PC,Xbox and PS4 on this link:


there should have been a comma in the sentence.

“i never introduced myself, i just started posting”

as in i just posted i didnt introduced myself.


Make sure you use commas or Spodey will think you’re me :joy:.


Hello all, I’m InfernoRaven I could say I’m a new member but I was heavily involved in the old Hitman Forums for a time working on challenges for Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money.

The old Eidos Interactive games my favorite has to be Hitman Contracts particularly the hotel mission with crazy tricks like throwing your weapons over the metal detectors and all the easter eggs on that level. I even spent 2 hours one day systematically killing everyone in the hotel as a bell hop using a kitchen knife because it felt norman bates’y

Transitioning to Square Enix has been iffy for me. Aboslution was a fun game but didn’t have a major hitman feel though I loved the look and feel of the game in it’s own right and I did like the blend mode to prevent detection such as messing with your hat as your walking by a guard.

I only recently purchased HITMAN ™ because I was iffy on the episodic series style but after a handful of missions I can say it’s a lot of fun there is a lot of things to do and several ways to do them. My only qualm is there is an overload of information with the amount of challenges and ways to complete it compared to absolution where everything was really straight forward. It’ll take some adjusting but I’ll enventually relearn my old skills.

I however love the new Hitman game and it is proving to probably be my favorite. Though Blood Money had my favorite level of all time (The Assassination of The Mafioso under FBI watch)

This layout seems awful reddity rather than the preferable MyBB or phpBB or even vBuiltin
But the layout is slightly worse than Reddit.

To be fair I almost didn’t even join because I didn’t think this was the old HMF board. From the looks of it the old Hitman Challenges that were worked on by myself and others are gone. While its a shame I figure I’ll test the waters and decide if this new forum is right for me.

Raven, InfernoRaven, RavenTrigun.


@InfernoRaven welcome to the forum! Your skills will be tested here :smirk:


Hi and welcome to the forum, @InfernoRaven!


Welcome to the forum @InfernoRaven, we hope our Hitman knowledge is going to be useful…:wink:


Welcome to the forum!


Hello, I was reading this forum for some time now. Decided to join. People seems to be lot of friendly and active here. Happy holidays (if you are still on holiday).


Hi and welcome to the forum! Enjoy your time here.


Welcome to the forum @BRO-3886


Hello there! Enjoy your stay!


Hey everyone, Dorian here! Also, big fan of Yuki Yazamaki. Nice to meet you all.


Hi and welcome to the forum, @Dorian. Enjoy your stay!


Welcome to the forum. Glad to see another Providence supporter around :smiling_imp: