Introduce Yourself


Hey Dorian :slight_smile:


Hey Bro :slight_smile: welcome. .


I will assume by the “also” in the sentence that Dorian isn’t your name? You’re a fan of Dorian Pavus then? Just a guess!

Welcome btw.


No, it isn’t. My name is Justin actually haha! And the Dorian name is actually from Arno Dorian, he’s my favourite Assassin in the AC series. It’s a fairly rare preference but Dorian Pavus is awesome too!


Arno Dorian is under-appreciated. Although in fairness Ezio is better. Arno had a few too many clichés, and Unity was just bad storytelling imo. Connor from AC3 was the worst.


Don’t say that about Connor to the Tumblr folk lol.


I’m HawkEngima (Or Hawk if you prefer) and I’m from the middle east. I’ve been playing Hitman 2016 for several hours and I loved it very much.

Spode implored me to join the forum, so here I am :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi and welcome to the forum, @HawkEnigma! Enjoy your stay (:bear::wink:).


Welcome to the forum @HawkEnigma. I like your username.



If any of you new folk is playing Hitman on PC, add me on Steam (same name, same avatar). I’ll play all ya contracts 'n beat all ya high scores!




CKHall22 here and completely new to the forum, however, I am not new to the Hitman series. Looking forward to sharing and learning more within the community. Cheers!


Welcome to the forum @CKHall22 and cheers to you as well :smile:


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome @CKHall22 to the forum! We hope you love HMF :grin:!


Hi and welcome to the forum, @CKHall22!


Thanks for the welcome everyone (as a new user I can only mention two people, but those of you who have welcomed me, I appreciate it!). Looking forward to sharing content and info with all of you. I’ll be working on a new Sapienza contract soon, so check the Contracts forum and I’ll be sure to play any content that you guys put out there. Cheers!


Welcome @CKHall22 and @HawkEnigma! I’m Mr. 46 (another “brother”).


Just wanted to introduce myself. Hello everyone!

I’ve been a Hitman fan since silent assassin. I’m hoping to spend time on the forum in the future.