Introduce Yourself


Weclome to the forum. We’re all CHPs here, so you’ll fit right in :grinning:


Hi and welcome to the forum, @MontezumahCHP!


The CHP title is a moral battle here watch out:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
When Sniper Challenge was released me and montezumah ordered the physical copy wich wasnt arrived here in Italy, so we send a complaining mail to square enix and them send us gadgets of hitman! Then we won the 1st place of hitman sniperchallenge in 2 different months for Italy so yes we can have the title of CHP considering we play hitman since 2000, i think yes! And CHP title is noithing compared to someone who make him call HITGOD.


You know hitgod no? The 1st to catch out Suit Only or all zeros scores.



let me introduce myself…


are you hitgod47?

#1128 He is crazy.


Who the hell is Hitgod?
And what the hell with this chp shit?


yes boy. show some respect


CHP is two friends who want have fun with hitman, hitgod is crazy.


No really? are you joking?



You don’t know? @Pissfloyd is HITGOD

Pissfloyds twitter btw


I can see you guys are going to make a lot of friends here.
Welcome, never seen such good hitman players!


Oh YOU’RE Hitgod? I wondered who that dude on Steam was.


Yes master, me and MontezumahCHP really respect you, are you on your profile pic?
And btw we still doing your trick for escape quickly from Death on the mississippi!
Ah another thing what you think about Absolution? :smiley: we remember you against it.
And from witch country you are?


no that’s timothy olyphant.[quote=“WinstonPeroni, post:1138, topic:108”]
Ah another thing what you think about Absolution?

best game in the series


Oh yes! Absolution best game and my father is agent smith! :smiley:


sweet. share some pics