Introduce Yourself


sweet. share some pics


I remember the best hitman game poll. I see through you lies.

Dont worry I’m not stupid I know you were joking


Dunno if Fbi agrees, also if now he works for the Interpol! Anyway some heavy & dual weapons in this new game cmoon, it’s more important than a briefcase for sure.


I just want more gloves.


it’s all important, we want everything!


You didnt kill 13 elusive target in one elusive target mission using some bug? XD


I just want them to fix 47’s hands.


I killed all the elusive targets before they even came out. Closed alpha[quote=“Vinnie_Sinistra, post:1148, topic:108, full:true”]
I just want them to fix 47’s hands.

and his strange approach and big bottoms.


More gloves to cover up 47s feminine hands please


This is fine, but a legend like you doesnt miss a dual shawnoff shotgun?


I miss it sometimes, but then again, if they had to do dual wielding again, why not go full on dual wielding rocket launchers?

And honestly I think gloves are more important.




And please, fix 47’s disproportionate arms!


Well in bloodmoney he have a big big very big head.


Anything related?


ahahahhaha no police thanks :blush: D


Welcome to the forum and to the World of Assassination!


Too bad that hitgod47 dude doesn’t upload anymore. His last video was 7 months back.


Hello everyone! I’ve been here reading conversations pretty much lately and now decided to sign up. I found Hitman about 1,5 years ago and I’ve been a huge fan since then. I believe this forum will offer many interesting conversations. :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum, @Beldingford!