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Greetings, @Beldingford! We hope you enjoy HMF!


Welcome to the forum! No, you wont be able to but the requiem pack until the disc release comes out, when the requiem pack will be a available to purchase.


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Welcome to the forum!


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Welcome @Joe94 who just joined about an hour ago. You haven’t introduced yourself so please do!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And welcome to the forum mate!


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Hi and welcome to the forum, @Soul!


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Hello! My name is Multisupermono and I have been a long time Hitman fan. I hope I can be a welcome addition to your fine community. :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum, @Multisupermono!


Welcome to all the new members I missed!


Hello and welcome Multisupermono. :slight_smile:


Hi I am DangerousPack49 (real name Daniel) and I am a big fan of the hitman series and hope to get helpful info. from this community!


Hi and welcome to the forum, @DangerousPack49!


Welcome to the forum @DangerousPack49!


Hi DangerousPack49. :slight_smile:


Indeed… Welcome @DangerousPack49! You will see, learn and hear a lot at this forum… MUHAHAHAHAHAHA. I mean… em… hi.