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Welcome to HMF @Forsane!


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I posted my first contract, but as spodey said I am here since last year :smiley:


Hi, I’m completely new here…previously simply read posts without account.
I’ve played Hitman 2-present but never finished 2 (didn’t age well), finished Contracts twice and BM countless times (BM was my first hitman game, then friends loaned me previous ones on PS2).
Platinum trophied Blood Money HD and Absolution and wish Hitman 6 had platinum as I 100% the trophies on it recently


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I’m Nelle_IOI. I been lurking here for a while now, and I will keep hanging around :slight_smile:


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Hello everyone!

I’m new to the forum but started playing Hitman with Silent Assassin around 2002-2003 on the GameCube.
Even though having as much fun with Hitman:SA as with other main titles of the console, playing for hundred of hours leanring about amazing classic levels such as Anathema, St. Petersburg Stakeout, Murder at the bazaar and so on, I ended up forgetting about the game/franchise for some reasons. Because of highschool, life going on and stuff.

I remember trying Hitman: Blood Money around 2006-2007 but ended up not liking it for some reasons.
It may have been because of the tutorial or something. But what a mistake I made, not being interested in such a masterpiece before.

30th December 2012, I ended up buying the Hitman Collection on Steam where I completed each games in order.
Including Contracts which wasn’t on Steam at the time.

Being really intrigued by the harsh reviews and love letters toward Hitman Absolution, I couldn’t wait to try it by myself so I’ve found my way to try it before buying it. And wwhat a disasterpiece was it. Horrible freaking mess of a game.

Some people were stating that it was the nostalgia googles and our dislike of progress that made the fans complain about the game so much. Which is total BS. I ended up replaying ALL the games from the first to Absolution. While I wanted to finish the game as quickly as possible because I didn’t have fun with absolution, I was still having fun with the older games even to this day. So Nostalgia googles was obviously not the problem here.

The funny thing is, still to this day, most people who like absolution discovered the franchise with this awful game. That’s why they loved it, they didn’t know better. But they should’ve known better.

Anyway, when the new Hitman was announced, I was suspicious because of all the insults, slaps and spit in the face we got as fans with Absolution. And after this disastrous experience, the fact that the game came out as episodes is also something that pushed me away from the game. So I waited for the episodes to come out and the game going on sale before buying it. If it wasn’t of my trust being destroyed with the last game, I would’ve pre-ordered it right away.
But it’s not a way to be an intelligent consumer, even more after being insulted by the devs with an awful game and Absolution fanboys defending it like if it was the best Hitman experience ever made, which it wasn’t. At all. Fools.

So I bought HITMAN December 29 and, as of now, I already got 150h in game, compared to my 36h on Absolution which I don’t ever want to replay anymore.
It’s amazing. A masterpiece of architecture and level design. The gameplay’s great! The story’s great! The locations are nice! That’s how you make a game better, you take what was good before and you make it better.

The impossibility to replay older Elusive Targets is somewhat insulting to wise consumers who has been betrayed by the last game. Other than Absolution fanboys, no real fan would’ve pre-ordered the game or bought at the release of the first episode. This isn,t how you deal with a trust being destroyed, shattered to pieces.

Anyway, this is my only complain about the game. Other than minor bugs that I will bring up as positive criticism in another post in another forum sub-section, the game is a masterpiece, just like Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money.

Thank you for this amazing piece of art.
It was worth the 10 years of wait for the fans who’s been waiting since 2006 for another real Hitman experience.