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Welcome to the forum!
That was a… long read. Interesting however.


Hi and welcome to the forum, @Leonem!


Thank you guys! ^^
I write a lot when I’m passionate about something.
That’s love right there. :3


Definitely :wink: see the passion in the writing! Welcome to the forum @Leonem!


Hey there,

I’ve been pretty much a longtime silent reader in the forums and decided to sign up when I wanted to share a compilation I did on the game (Gunpoint Threatening Dialogue (Season 1 Targets)).

I’m normally a shy person and I don’t share such things often but I figured this community is friendly and welcoming enough.

Otherwise, let me just say, the latest Hitman game is amazing and I look forward to more content on it!


Glad to have you sir. Pop in and make your opinion know more often.


While you are here …

On which part of HITMAN do you work?


Welcome to the forum @LoneWolfHBS!


Yoooo, I’m new to Forum but have been with the game since HSA.


Hey! Welcome to the forum dude!:grin:


Welcome to the forum @Chocodemon!


Hi Nelle_IOI :slight_smile: I’m Munga


Hey Chocodemon welcome :slight_smile:


Hi LoneWolfHBS, yep people are nice here. :sunglasses:


Hey Leonem! Welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome @samartzis2000 to the Hitman Forum!:grin:


Hi, I’m from the old forums I guess, since I couldn’t track my old account and had to make a new one, glad to be back and talk about this series!


Welcome to the forum @Shady @Sephira!


Hello HMF!
Been rollin’ this forum since I purchased the Full Experience around the time Busey dropped and have put a few hundred hours in since. Been more of a fly on the wall than anything but I hope to change that.
Was intro’d to the series with BM, skipped Abso (may play someday) and have H6 as my most played of 2016. Same as you, I have my nitpicks but I enjoy Hitman too much to let those deter me too heavily. Regardless, looking forward to the next season(s) as well as tossing a few lines down from time to time! Thanks to IOI and you guys who keep this functional!


Welcome to the forum!