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Hi, just wondering how do you quote somebody in a post?


Highlight the text you want to quote and press “quote” when it pops up


Thanks :slight_smile:


hi im kinda new here i used to post here all the time but i was gone from here for like 4 years and when i tried to log in to my account the site is telling me that there is no account for that email… but i know for a fact that i used that email… has this place been deleting old accounts or something?

anyway this place has changed so much its nice to be back tho
bout to get all the episodes tomorrow


Hi and welcome again, @HiTmAN_90!


thanks this place has changed so much wow :cry:


Welcome to the forum!
To answer your question, I believe in 2014 this new website was opened and eventually @ampburner shut down the old website, so all the accounts there are gone.


Hi New to the group but not the game. Say hi


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Apparently this is where you say hi…

so… uhm



Hey hey welcome to the forum


@DevilsSpawned @DANNYonPC welcome to HMF!


We’ve been getting a lot of new members recently and hopefully this continues so that the Hitman Community grows into a huge community!:grin:

Edit: And obviously welcome to all the recent members that have joined!:smiley:


Yo! I’ve been playing Hitman since BM, and I’ve heard good things about this forum.


Welcome to the forum @Heavykiin :grinning:!


New to the game (started late last year) but just wanted to stop by and say hello to the community :slight_smile:

I had no idea this forum existed until today!


Hi and welcome to the forum, @SpotzGaming!


Welcome to the forum @SpotzGaming!


But then again, he’s been known to come back unexpectedly. :wink:


hi all my name is Ludo, i have played all Hitman games and i’m a great fan of the saga