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hi all my name is Ludo, i have played all Hitman games and i’m a great fan of the saga


Hi and welcome, @Ludo_Sawyer!


Welcome to the forum @Ludo_Sawyer! I thought you’d been here a while, oh well!


Total newbie question, but why do people sometimes end their posts with “(20 characters)” or “20202020”?


You have to write a post of at least 20 characters so 202020 or “20 characters” is commonly used to fill up the rest :slight_smile:


Thanks for that quick edit, I was a little confused.


@Heavykiin @SpotzGaming @Ludo_Sawyer
Hello and welcome! :slight_smile:


thanks and welcome to the new ones :wink:


Oh. Sorry I missed you in November Ludo :confounded:


Hey my name is literally iTunes … fuck my parents


Welcome to the forum @iTunes!


Thanks @Silverballer


Sure, what are their phone numbers?


Welcome all new members, hope to see you around :slight_smile:


Hey, my name is David. I started Hitman with Absolution so no long ago but of course now I’m with new version. Happy it comes to Linux. Been enjoying it so far :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @Snake38!


Welcome! Glad to have you. I too started with Absolution got me hooked!


Welcome to the forum David!


Hey guys im new here playing through Steam thou on PC i even bought the Full experience on CD but i can`t connect something wrong whit the servers?


The PC servers are down at the moment, they will be fixed soon (I hope).