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What’s cracking, nigga?? :joy::yum:


Hi everyone

I am Andy. I have lurked here for a while and now I would like to contribute :sunglasses: (when I can)


Welcome to HMF @Simmons!


Heya and welcome, @Simmons.


Hey all, been a hitman fan for awhile, recently got the lastest Hitman and episodes, just thought I’d join up and contribute where I can.


Welcome to HMF @JolieRouge!


Hey guys just wanted to say hey again since my username changed (agent47atyourservice) to hitwoman47, which is my name on all the other sites so it seems like a better fit.

Welcome all newbies as well!



Hi, I discovered this forum this week, and I decided to join here. I’m Hitman fan since Blood Money came out, played every Hitman game, except Codname 47. Now I’m into new Hitman since January, 31 and I really enjoy it.


Heya and welcome, @boombayah!


Welcome to HMF @boombayah!


The W2000 locked and loaded, waiting for target to move into the scope view😈


So, officially new member. 647 hours on HITMAN on PC. My favorite series.
I didn’t create many contracts but i honor the featured ones.
One account and 22 ET down. :sunglasses:


Hi, I’m Fussy, I’m from the states, and this is my first day on the forums. I’m really glad I found a website made specifically for forums on this game, the Square Enix ones weren’t nearly as helpful. I’ve only been playing HITMAN™ for about two months, and I have about 50 hours on it. Still, it’s become one of my most favorite games ever. I’ve completed a fair amount, I’ve unlocked the difficulty setting on Paris and Sapienza, completed plenty of contracts, but, as embarrassed as I am to say, I haven’t assassinated any elusive targets yet, mostly because I haven’t bought the last four episodes, (I’m a “poor gamer”) Still, I’m saving up for them, and I’m getting better all the time. I’m still pretty new to the community, but I’m a wannabe Hitman master, so I guess I could say my ultimate goals are to 1) Get gradually better at this game, 2) Become a good member of the Hitman community, and 3) Ask questions, answer questions, and be overall helpful on these forums. I also know German, if that is at all useful, thanks for reading!


Heya and welcome, @Fussy_Nielsen!


Welcome to THE forum, @Fussy_Nielsen


I everyone, I finally took the plunge and joined the forum. No idea what I’m doing, but I will get there.


Hi there, @AgeingFPS welcome to the forum. Perhaps we can show you the light at the end of the tunnel😇


Hi @hitwoman47 I have literally only just joined the forum. Now to search for that photo you mentioned :wink:


Heya and welcome, @AgeingFPS!


Thank you peeps. :heart_eyes: