Introduce Yourself


Well, you won’t be disappointed


Hi i am Frezzey, i’ve read some post Hitmanforum for some months now, so hi everyone.


Hi Frezzey, how long have you been sober?


Wait how do you know that i tasted alcohol the 24 of december (I did not like the taste), so… Around 8 days. Now i think about it, you likely did not know that i did taste alcohol the 24 of december.


This is some voodoo shit right here


Firearms,i own real guns irl


Hi, I’m a new member here. I just remembered about Hitman games and I searched “Hitman” in Google searh engine, then I found then I joined , I love Hitman games! Nice to meet you!


I’ve already made a few posts before posting in this topic, but yeah. I’m new.

I started playing (the) Hitman games a couple years ago. I bought an anthology(?) set for PS3, as well as Absolution. I played them in order (really haven’t finished Blood Money, I think it was). But Absolution’s graphics and mechanics made that one my favorite, at least, up to that point. Now the 2016 version is my favorite (yet, I do miss Abs point shooting). I have it on Steam, and although I’ve put in over a thousand hours into Terraria, I can easily see HITMAN getting as many, maybe more hours of gameplay.

Being stealthy is fun, getting fast times can be fun, but it’s also fun to d*** around once in a while. I love the options for creativity!