Is this game 100% done?


Im just asking since I’m about to fully complete it and I want to delete the game on my hard drive to make room for other games.


No, it isn’t.


No, there will be another season on its way, however this will be another 60 dollars/50 pounds.

However, if you would like to uninstall and save your progress, make an SEM account, then you will be able to log back into it and retrieve your progress even after uninstalling the game.


Do you really need an account for that? What about the suits? Would I lose them if I just unistall the game?


Yeah but that’s going to be a different game.


No it isn’t. It will be on the same platform and use the same base game, it will simply act as DLC content.


Is that confirmed?

That’s some business model.


Yup, that’s confirmed.



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I don’t have a source, perhaps someone else can link it.

I’m sure it’s confirmed however.


Ok just wondering because while I don’t mind a season format. DLC is complete bs imo, and if this is episodic I’m def waiting until a proper release.

Ugh games these days…:frowning:


You can delete episodes individually to make space on your hard drive.


Eh I just deleted it now since I 100%'d it there. Thanks for the answers! I’ll just reinstall when S2 is completely done, in like 2-3 years :yum:


So what happens if more content comes out in may when the may schedule comes out? Perhaps more ET’s and featured contracts and escalations. Reinstall?


Couldn’t give 2 shites about those. Don’t interest me.


So you’re just a story mode player?


IO’s communication in regards to this game, both before and after release has been absolutely atrocious. Everything from confusing to misleading to doing a complete 180 on things. I would take EVERYTHING they say with a grain of salt. Nothing is confirmed until you see and experience it.
First hand.
In game.
On your platform.
In the “finished” product.


They just don’t appeal to me. It’s not enough to keep my hard drive full when I’ve got better games to play.

Just my personal preference, no need to be offended by it :joy:


That goes for every game!

Just look at everyone oodling over Batllefront 2 when the game isn’t even out yet…did they not learn from the first one? :unamused:


The first one was awesome!