Is this game 100% done?


Not many would agree with that. Very little in the final product, not many maps or modes etc. Single player…where? :sleeping:


Wrong. From someone who actually played it instead of giving up halfway through


How do you know FantumX didn’t play it all?


Cuz he gave up after Marrakesh


Did he say so? :neutral_face:




Ok well if you guys are buddies then fair enough I guess haha.


Who’s offended? We are talking.:rofl::rofl: and laughing.:rofl::rofl:


I think you need Season 1 + Base Glacier Engine to be able to get Season 2.


Ok fair enough certainly didn’t seem like it going by your first two comments :joy:


I don’t know how you got “offended” out of asking a couple of curious questions. Haha. Either way, whatever. No worries, dude.


Ugh, really?

Fine, just a couple of the major highlights then. The full list would give me a headache and put me in a bad mood.

Day 1 content in the months leading up to release included announcements of one episode and as many as 3 with 6 missions spread across them. They did at least 2 separate 180’s on this subject.

The whole “Fully playable offline” debacle.

Weapons and items shown in the advertisements are not in the game.

Most recently, the whole ET/suit unlock issue for disc buyers.

And let’s not forget the one that got your feathers ruffled a bit - the release of the summer bonus episodes were only available to full season owners. Episodic purchasers were left waiting, panting on the other side of the glass for MONTHS before they were allowed to play. That took literally EVERYONE by suprise. Remember that???

I’m not going to start arguing semantics Quinn.

@YaIrishMick96, if you have any questions for me, you can PM me for my views but I’m just one guy. Lot’s of others and all have their own views and opinions. :v::sunglasses:


“…when I’ve got better games to play.”

Be…bette…bet- sorry I don’t think I understand this foreign language that you’re speaking.


@FantumX Well… I see you have a lot of grievances and all… but I personally never let any of that get in the way of a good time playing HITMAN.

Then again, I’ve always been a bit easy to please - which is exactly what she said.
Cheers! :v:


LOL! :joy:

And just to be clear, I’m not trying to post grievances here. The start of the conversation was someone telling another member S2 was effectively just going to be DLC and said it was confirmed somewhere. I simply responded with saying nothing is confirmed until it’s essentially in your hands because IO’s communication with this game has been atrocious.

I was happy to leave it at that but someone flatly called my view wrong so I gave some examples of my point. That’s it. I actually think it’s a decent game. It definitely has it’s big wins as well as it’s flaws.


Guess it just comes naturally then.


Nowhere have they said anything about pricing and availability for season 2.


either way, 60 dollars would be fino imo. Though I do assume season 1 owners will get a small discount.


Does anyone play those tell tale games? Or the game Life Is Strange? Those have seasons and all are stand alone games of which all cost full price. So whatever the price was of season 1 was also the same price for season 2 and so on. I can see the same for Hitman S2.

Just look at it episodically and you will see 6 maps at $10 each is $60. So whether or not it’s a dlc or stand alone game, it still would be priced for each episode individually thus costing the same (or more if there are more main story maps) as season 1.

And I don’t see any discount for being a season 1 owner. The only discount you’ll get is the same as season 1, being a ‘full experience’ buyer and not an episodic one.


Many games do offer slight discounts for people who got the previous seasons or games in a series. I could see them doing an extra -5% off for Season One owners on Steam as a preorder incentive, for example.