Is this game 100% done?


This is, unfortunately, very true.


I’ve never heard of any games doing that. Maybe it’s a steam thing? And not a publishers thing? cuz I’ve not seen discounts for games on console for being a previous season owner.

But what games are you talking about specifically?


There’s been some. Football Manager is the first that comes to mind. I couldn’t say about consoles specifically.


There is not a simple answer to that question, because it how you choose to look at it. Yes the game as it is of now is done, season 1 is over and IO told the story they wanted with season and all maps from this season have been released. However season 2 is coming and will continue the narrative. Season is still going on and will for some time, the game keeps getting Elusive targets, people keep creating contracts and new Escalations are being added that helps with the longevity of season 1.

Yes and no. Don’t expect to see a big change in style or graphics, like we did with the gap between Blood Money or Absolution. Those two are two different games with their own narrative. Where HITMAN 2016 design is inspired of a TV-Show and there for an ongoing experience with a narrative that evolves as more seasons are released.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to gameplay changes or slightly upgraded graphics. There will be new locations to vist, new targets and other kinds of content that does not exist in season one.

Well if you don’t mind the season format then you don’t mind DLC, season is basically 5 different DLC on top of a base game. DLC does not equal bad or worse, it’s all about how it’s used. You can look at it like this HITMAN Season One is basically World of Warcraft base game. Then we get a new Expansion Pack the Burning Crusade (season 2), later down the line Wrath of the Lich King is released (Season 3) and so on. Each expansion to the game have come with it’s share of changes to the base game. World Of Warcraft have been an ongoing and developing experience since 2004 up until now. A expansion is more or less a DLC in itself.

Well what is wrong with that? do you expect to every season for free? each season is developed on it’s own and can in terms of development be viewed as a game in itself. If you buy Game of Thrones season 1, do you expect to get season 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 for free? This same principle applies here.

But yes games in later times have been very anti consumer, if we look at games like Battlefront, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed Unity. All of these games chucks up the base game and creates a “season pass”. In this these examples you end you paying double the price for the same game. That can’t be said about HITMAN. You could buy the hole game for around 45 eur or buy each episode as they where released. IO and Squre-Enix is not giving you extra things to purchase, they game you a model where you are free to choose how you want to pay. give 12 eur for the base game, you have the chance to see if you like it before you commit to the rest of the game.


I actually find it a little upsetting whenever a new escalator is released for a location I’ve already “100%d”, especially when it’s already a really overstuffed level in terms of content. I was expecting some standardized amount of challenges, escalations, etc. per location, but the amount varies wildly from level to level and more keep getting added. Makes working towards “completing” the game feel pointless.



With S1 the intro pack costs more than a regular episode, because it also contains the base game. If S2 built on the base game, then you won’t have to pay for the base game because you already own it :smiley:

I assume there’ll be a season 2 intro pack that contains base game (with prologue) and S2 E1, for those that don’t want to buy S1. For those that own S1, you’ll probably be able to buy the episodes individually (or upgrade pack), without having to buy the base game


Correct which makes my statement true. Intro pack cost more cuz it had 3 levels. Plus, if season 2 were to work of if season 1, then they would have to recode S1 to work with S2, and then S3. If that’s the case, wallhacking and all other current bugs won’t be fixed. If you use a different base game, you can start fresh and fix those bugs that seem to be eluding the debuggers.

I just don’t see each season using same base game. It doesn’t makes sense, on both a business perspective and gameplay perspective.


devs already said its going to use same base game.


I wouldn’t trust what they say. Many things have been said which later changes. So you never know. Plans always change in the industry.

But I hope it DOESNT use the same base game because that is the only chance that wallhacking gets fixed.


i dont think its getting fixed either way. Season 2 will probably start this year, and i dont think they will do any significant changes to the engine, just small improvements that can be retrocompatible with season 1.


Don’t take my hope away. Wallhacks is my biggest issue with this game. If that was fixed or didn’t exist, I wouldn’t care for any other bug in the game. Lol.


What also doesn’t make sense is that we would have to have Season 1 installed on our hard drive - which on ps4 is already at 55gb with the updates - to play upcoming seasons. I have asked IOI about this on SE forum cus I am concerned that by season 3 we will have over 165gb on our hard drive - if we assume the updates for future seasons will be as large as 1st - which may be required to play the entire game with all seasons which seems ridiculous. Also seems like a good but shifty business strategy if players cannot uninstall previous seasons, which keeps them playing the entire game as they update it with new content throughout all the maps encompassing all seasons.


In what manner would you say that not playing the whole game affects the credibility of the person saying, basically that this company has bad PR policies? I do not take you for a “personal experience counts as factual evidence” type of guy.


So instead of having one 165 GB game you would have three 60 GB games? Don’t really see why this would be better. Especially since you already have to option to install/uninstall each Episodes separately.

I just tested it by uninstalling Marrakesh and Sapienza. All the items I’ve unlocked are still there and I still can play all the other missions – including the Bonus missions. That makes it’s very unlikely that you would be forced to install all Season 1 Episodes just to play a Season 2 Episode.


I am saying that if we have to have season 1 installed as like a base platform to play the upcoming seasons - as some are speculating that they will function as add-ons - than that’s going to be a big dent in storage space to some. I have 1st Gen ps4 still with the minumun storage and I am taking off and putting games on all the time. I don’t think that was the most articulate of my posts as I now review it also :neutral_face: