Jurassic World: Evolution


After the huge success of ARK:SE I just wondering why there isn’t any big publisher oder big studio that would make a great dinosaur game. The game “Robinson: The Jouney” is more or less bull**it, Far Cry: Primal generated some hope but just was set in a time without Dinosaurs and every other game with dinosaurs that you can buy on steam isn’t it worth, instead if you like such PvP games, where you have to play a dino or a soldier that fight each other.

Oh and yes I totaly forgott that we soon will get the “Prehistorc Kingdom”-Game, were you…yep…you can bulid a park!! Yes something that the would have never seeen befor, and not to mention that there is a game called "Dino Frontier with dinos and cowboys!!! That’s amazing…not.

Sry for being off-topic but it bugs me and sometime I can’t belive it that so many people could get attracted by such goofy concepts.


I think we are overdue a good Island Survival game with Dinosaurs. Jurassic Park Tresspasser for the modern age with an open world - I’d buy that.


Jeff Goldblum is going to voice Doctor Malcolm in the game.