Logan Paul situation


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I had never heard of this guy, how in the hell does he have 15M subscribers? Why do people care about him? I really don’t understand.


Drama that is it, and now suicide crisis


He’s a piece of shit, fuck him.


I dont think this needs own thread


I agree with all of you completely lol also @Tore_Staffan I just wanted to raise suicide awareness but otherwise he doesnt need any atttention threads


If you want to raise awareness for suicide prevention, can you do it without mentioning the Paul brothers?
They don’t need any more attention, and don’t deserve the views they currently do get.

Also caps lock to empathise certain words or phrases isn’t necessary.


Exactly but the drama was literally ham- and noone was posting anything about the situation with the stupid losers (paul brothers) on the forum. (Also I just like emphasising words foor the sake of them being prominent please do not judge me)


His main demografic is teen girls and there are A LOT of teen girls on Youtube/social media in general.


I can’t believe this asshole got to make $12M last year slinging out this bullshit. I hate the world.

Like honestly I don’t even care about the suicide thing. I’m just disgusted that such shallow, poor content can make some idiot dumbfuck a multimillionaire.


when i learned the Carpenter handcraft, we also worked as Undertakers, i saw lots of dead bodies, most of them old people who died more or less peacefully at home or in the Hospital.
Sometimes i had to take care of dead young people, sometimes even Kids and Babies and one time a Guy who had killed himself with a headshot from a Pistol.
When me and my coworker where alone with the dead bodies, we always joked around and sometimes made fun about the bodies.
This sounds like we where really horrible Persons, but when you deal with the death everyday, you have to do this, or else you’ll go insane.

But we never made such disgusting things like that Logan asshole, we made this to not go mad, not for likes and clicks.


same way he got his own thread on a hitman forum

lol at @Supernova being referenced like a de facto mod.


Even though he says he did the video for awarness reasons, I have no doubt in my mind he actually did it for views. The Paul brothers are two childish idiots who do anything for attention.


Truer words never spoken steve.
Also you are all right the effer laughed at an innocent man just for views.
@Lazlow Well he is the most prominent member of the forum and also the most fair sooooo.


I agree he is all those things and more really.

It’s just good to see someone else recognized that


yes although a bit rude he is very fair and nice he actually helps the forum tbh


He and his brother were amongst the greatest vine creators. Not as famous as Lele Pons, but still quite popular. From there they jumped to YouTube.

Asking why are people famous is kind of silly tho. They just are. Internet virality works like that. You get one huge hit and all of the sudden people want more.


Have you seen his version of Handlebars? That shit was bad.


I just don’t get the appeal, I watched some of his videos and they’re all… nothing? To be fair, I was never into vine and have no idea who Lele Pons is so I guess this just isn’t my realm.


You Have My respect because i know What you mean