Logan Paul situation


The most successful vine user ever. The Pewdiepie of Vine, so to speak.


You have to understand how silly the words “successful” and “vine user” sound to me when used in the same sentence.


You live in the 21st century. Just about anyone can have a channel and broadcast whichever show they like thanks to YouTube. Same with other social medis personalities. To an extent that is a good thing because it keeps them independent. And precisely, is also bad because they are independant. So they may be more creative and risky, but also more edgy and extreme. Some know how to cross that line, like FilthyFrank or Idubbbz who botj offer satirical comedic value. Others are just plain assholes to get views like Logan and Jake Paul.


There are some creators of internet content that I absolutely love, people that spend time creating genuinely good content like Red Letter Media or Last Podcast on the Left. Stuff like what’s on vine, and this logan paul guy (vlogging I guess is what it’s called) is just blatant trash as far as I’m concerned and it depresses me that this shit gets millions upon millions of views.


I used to like this guy’s content, back when he made decent vines. Now, it’s cringy content with no substance. Over the top BS, just watch his another vlog that is supposed to be ‘respectful’ to the local japanese people.

I do dumb shit with my mates but i dont have a camera sticking out my arse and i dont make shit content. Funny enough, i had met people similar to him in my high school. Plastic faces with fake smiles. I just want to throw him off a building. Well, kinda.

THIS is quality content.


I kinda still think Jake Paul is worse. Just my thought.


I do not know what you might want us to do to this Logan Paul person. But in spite of the name of this site and some of the discussions on this forum, I would have you know that none of us are hitmen in real life.



Not one of us…no…

Runs to a dark bedroom,picks up the phone

Looks at a picture with the word “content quality” printed on it and sheds a small tear

“Yes,I would like to make an order for take out

cut to “Mr. Paul,please look at the picture”


Mr. Paul: “I said I’m sorry… haven’t I suffered enough? Please… don’t kill me…Boo hoo hoohoohoohoo…”


His plead would be more like:"Aw come on bro haven’t my subs gone down enough?I was just keepin’ it real and being a MAVERICK,and there is nothing wrong with that,everyone needs a hero! BTW,your suit looks cool but DID YA BUY YOUR MERCH AT #LOGANPAUL.COM/SHOP???"
proceeds to get pummeled with a Hammer by 47


lol good


Sooo, I guess this thread and people in it have mandatory ideas on how toooo “assassinate” Logan Paul…well it is gonna be very ironic if 47 were to hang him - not only that but we will also laugh at his body
just like he laughed at that dead gentleman for a pinch more of irony again lol.


His career is dead,no point in wasting time on that waste of space.

His removal from favorable Google Advertising means his profits are cut in half.




I wouldn’t say his career is dead. This piece of shit will still make millions, just a bit less
of them.


You are so wrong


He will always be marked as the “dead body” guy. It’s not the same as his little brother jakey. Hell,Hollywood hates him,his colleagues hate him…perhaps in a while he’ll bounce back but him and this all vlogging fase,they are just a passing fancy. Like Leafy,for instance. If not this year,the next one,and so on. If youtube didn’t suck so bad the Pauls would have already come to an end,too bad they care more about acting like a corporate business and making shitty empty statements.


Time will tell. For now,he earns 50% less. If the public starts getting soft with him,maybe he’ll get some of it back but I have my doubts. Anyways,once this trend ends his career will still be dead so it’s just about when not about how. He’ll fuck up again eventually.


1- you’re a fool if you think YouTube is his only source of income.

2- I have always aregued that Jake is worse of a pice of shit than Logan.

3- people will forget that he talked about a hanging body in less thanca year. If not totally, then certainly selectivelly.

4- you say there is no point in taling about him but… hey, you’re carrying this conversation from where I’m standing.

5- leafy is back. Just saying. Idubbbz did not “end him”.


1-Clothing Co. demanded he stops selling Maverick Merchandise,he is not Ad friendly and his acting career which was never really worth anything to begin with has basically been plugged since he is off YT Red. YT is basically,outside merch,his best source of money. Everything else has been shat on,could be salvaged indeed and he is still making income but…meh. I honestly hope his means of getting money shrink. I’d like him to be out of that fucking mansion he has earned thanks to his fans. His…special fans.
2-They are arguebly both sociopaths that fit with most features and that use the others to further their career. It’s like choosing between
the bubonic plague or ebola. They are both bad.
3-Some will,some won’t. I agree that his fans and all the people that make money off of him will support this selective memory.
4-The “wasting time on that waste of space” comment was a response to Obi,he said that it could be amazing to hire 47 on him. Why bother?The world is lynching him already. It wasn’t directed to the conversation. It was more soft sarcasm to show you the picture. Plus me enjoying Logan getting fucked even more.
5-Leaft kept getting good views for months. He is still not relevant nor gaining many subs. His format is still the old shitty one he has always had. I don’t think he’ll ever really be a mainstream youtuber again,still,his channel isn’t in a necessairly bad place,but not where it was. He was more of a trend of the summer than a youtuber made to last if you ask me.