Logan Paul situation


What is with all these pointless arguments going on @Supernova & @HiddenValleyLover? I just wanted to point out the situation and talk about how much of a di*k Logan Paul is and how stupid other people that were in the video are. I did not want you all to go deep into pointless details and arguments please I just wanted to spread info to HitmanForum, and warn people about the Pauls and depression…also I should point out if we are starting this stupid conversation about his career ending - it is never gonna happen.
Jake and Logan Paul are literally starting to become Markiplier’s and Jacksepticeye’s and Pewdiepie’s of youtube and I bet if they started a vine channel they will definitely outbeat Lele Pons there aswell.
Look almost all of these people I mentioned up there were contradictory in drama ESPECIALLY Pewdiepie - but he got out of it - quite greatly at that matter.
Drama of youtube gives youtubers more views than less since people will maybe just go halfway through Logan’s shite apology and then dislike the video which will get more implimented than less - HE WILL GET MORE INCOME IF HE CONTINUES DRAMA - THAT IS WHY YOUTUBERS GET MORE VIEWS ON VIDEOS AFTER DRAMA. (uhh #conspiracytheory looking at you Shane Dawson)
So in a nutshell his career aint ending its actually gonna gain more reputation - and more cash…and so are all the other cucks that were also laughing at the body in the video (idk who they are one was black (srry I am not racist), one was hillybilly -ish white cuck and the other was a bich asian girl that started laughing at the first place).
Also @Supernova THIS THREAD IS ALL MY FAULT…and also both brothers are pure shit lmfao.


You created a topic that sparked a discussion and a discussion needs arguments. You do not get to decide when you want people to stop commenting on your thread unless you either request it to be closed or find that whatever is going on is no longer on the topic you made.


ayy no need to fight guys, peaceful thoughts and fuck the Paul’s lel


Well…@Supernova You alwways make good points sir you are the best member of this forum - that is right tbh some arguments need to be done… I am just for one that does not like seeing them lol.


Me and @Supernova are just discussing in all friendliness about a topic that interests us. It’s not “pointless arguments”. It’s a valid discussion that is based on what this thread is about. I made a statement,he disagreed. That happens,the good part of it is he always brings good points to the table to make a good discussion.
I mean,it’s a forum. People will talk.


Literally this. Don’t get the drama.


yeah the more ppl mention him. the more notorious he becomes. the best thing to do would have been to late this insignificant bug die.

logan paul is a nobody and should stay a nobody despite what distasteful thing he does


Exactly. @Hitman_Lee


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If making cringe content, going to another country and fucking up the peace and embarrassing people is defined as success, i am going to pass. I’m not hating the guy because he’s ‘Rich & Successful’, deliberately fucking up, not once but thrice (suicide forest video, being disrespectful at a temple and being a complete ass on the streets).



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Apparently this topic was only of interest to Internet tough guys.