Mass Effect: Andromeda


Big reveal today. Trailer, Gameinformer coverage and more.

Anyone hyped, too?


sorry no i am not. the last good mass effect game that bioware made was mass effect 2.


Never played mass effect is it good?


Count me in @Doormaker . Super excited!

What about you @Cold_Shadow? I remember you being huge RPG genre fan. Also haven’t seen you posting in a while mate. Is everything good? :smiley:


ME is one of my favourite game series ever. I’ll absolutely be preordering this ASAP :smile:


Mass Effect is amazing. I really love the lore, there’s something awesome about Sci-fi lore. Is it weird that I’m super into Halo & Mass Effect lore yet I just don’t like Star Wars?

What ending did you guys choose for Mass Effect 3? Be sure to to blur the spoilers.

I chose destroy the reapers. The other endings, including the green ending, went against everything you were aiming to do since ME1 IMO.


@Lucifer The gameplay is a great combination of gadget-heavy Third-Person gunplay, exploring, talking and making decisions. I love the complete trilogy, but Mass Effect 2 is the pinnacle so far. Andromeda focuses on establishing a new home for mankind, and the Mako (drivable space car) is back from the first one. Looks like Andromeda could combine all beloved elements into one big package.


Mass Effect is one of my favorite franchises (especially the music!!), but I’m not sure where they’re going to go with a new game. It felt to me like that universe had been comprehensively explored. I’m certainly willing to follow them into another sequel, but I’m unsure whether they can successfully pull it off.


That’s because Star Wars is a space fantasy, not just sci-fi


Oops, my bad. I didn’t realize there was a difference.

Maybe I just need to get into a good Star Wars game, I’m not big on movies so that probably doesn’t help.


When did the last one come out? I don’t like to play games that are too outdated.


The first three games came out in 2007, 2010, and 2012. The first one is a little dated, but Mass Effect 2 and 3 still look and feel quite modern.

If you don’t want to deal with some out-of-date graphics and gameplay decisions, I’d advise you to just jump into ME2. It’s also the one that most people think is the best. But ME1 is a great game with a great story, and it might still be my favorite, so if you can handle it, it’s still worth a shot.



So ME2 and ME3 are dropping on X1 back compat today.

Fuck ye


I chose the ending with the green filter on the ending cinematic. :confused:


What ending did I pick? After learning they’re more or less the same, I just flipped a coin and the red ending won out.

While the last game is a major letdown and not just because of the ending, I have confidence Bioware has grown from past mistakes with this game. However, I’m just not excited for this for some reason so I’ll be waiting long after it releases.

Though to be honest, I stopped pre-ordering games long ago.


This may be the first EA game I buy since Mass Effect 3. Although I’ll wait and see until after it’s release, and by then I may just wait until I can get the game plus all DLC.


they’re all terrible, just like half of the story, so i just went with my favorite color and went along for the ride.


That is one terrible trailer… disappointing as hell. Nothing remarkable about it, just a generic pompus holywood trailer garbage. Oh well, BioWare doesn’t handle the marketing so I’m still hoping the game is good.


JJ Abrams presents: Mass Effect